I’m Back to Blogging and Running!

Hey guys! I’m so excited to be blogging again! I took a ~three week break as part of a fast I was doing with my church, and as much as I enjoyed and probably needed a break from my routine, I’ve been counting down the days till I could blog again :) I spent some time in the Word, and have been sticking to my Bible reading plan for the most part – I’m on day 33 and have gotten through the books of Genesis and Job (it’s in chronological order, so Job falls somewhere within Genesis).  A HUGE thanks to my good friend Alexa for guest posting while I was away! Check out her posts on the Skimble app and her foot surgery!

Anyway, a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks, so here’s a quick update on what’s been going on around here!

Knee/ IT Band update

In case you’re new to the blog, I injured my knee from running around the beginning of December.  I continued to run on and off through the end of the year, but finally went to the orthopedist in early January, and found out that it was likely a minor IT band injury (ITBS).  I was told that I could run on it, but I found it too painful to run, so I transitioned to pool running for two weeks, and then took a week off completely after my eye surgery (see below).016

My IT band felt a lot better after the week of rest, so I cautiously went on an 8 mile run on January 25, and it felt fine! Last week was my first full week of real running again, and I got in 27 “land miles” and 3 “pool miles”.  I’ll probably continue swapping one of my running days (I run 5 days a week) for a pool run, just to reduce the risk of injury.

In addition, I’ve been doing strength exercises to target my knee, hips, feet and core a couple of times a week, and I’ve been stretching/ foam rolling like a champ after each workout.  My knee still twinges occasionally (if I overextend it), but the pain has decreased significantly and it no longer hurts while running or after a tough workout.

Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) update

I finally bit the bullet and had corrective eye surgery done on January 17th, just a few days after my blogging hiatus began.  The first few days my vision was quite hazy, but I saw rapid improvement over the next week! As of my two week post-op appointment last Friday, I am 20/20 :) I’ll have a full post later this week about my experience, in case any of you are considering getting it done.  Bonus: you get to wear sunglasses all the time for the first few days and look really cool.  Don’t I look famous.


Weekend Fun Eats

I’m sure you’ve missed seeing pictures of my food, so here’s what we’ve been up to on the weekends.

Bonchon Chicken (korean fried chicken) after my surgery.  Heck yes.026

027We checked out the Farmers Fishers Bakers brunch a few weeks ago with Andrew (no Alexa, she moved to NY- sad face) and a new friend Shaun.  Mike and I had been here once before for dinner, which was good but not amazing, but we heard that the weekend brunch buffet was amazing!

030It was a chilly day, so we were happy to be seated quickly (I strongly recommend making a reservation in advance, this place fills up quickly).032There were a bunch of brunch stations:a meat station, cooked-to-order eggs, desserts, french toast, hearty fare like grits and fried chicken, desserts, and a salad bar.  All the food was really good, and we loved the cinnamon rolls that came to the table.  My favorites were the honey fried chicken and the bananas foster french toast.  My bloody mary was also gone by the end of the brunch.ffbAlexa, you were missed! We’ll have to go back when you’re in town.042

This past weekend, Alexa was here! After my long run on Saturday, we went to Aditi, an Indian restaurant in Kingstowne that Alexa and Andrew frequent.  Their brunch was the best Indian buffet Mike and I have had – the butter chicken and naan were out of this world! I also ordered a mango lassi, which was soo good.  And at $11 per person, this place has my vote for favorite brunch of the month.  We were absolutely stuffed afterwards!  

068 066 067

We kept dinner low-key since none of us were very hungry after our massive brunch – sushi from Harris Teeter while watching Captain Phillips, the true life story of the Maersk Alabama hijacking in 2009.  I loved this movie – I thought Tom Hanks was incredible as the ship captain, and the story really kept me on the edge of my seat! Has anyone else watched it?

captain-phillips-posterOn Sunday, we went to brunch (again) at the Original Pancake House in Falls Church.  It was my first time coming here and the number of options is dizzying.  I don’t know whether I liked or hated having the calorie counts of each dish on the menu! I went back and forth between the bacon pancakes or cinnamon apple waffle, but ended up getting the waffle.  I did not regret that decision at all.IMG_20140202_113947_071IMG_20140202_120434_541
Alexa got strawberry banana pancakes, and we were amazed at how many pancakes came out!! Eight.  Eight pancakes.  I’ll have to get these next time, because I felt gypped with my one waffle.

Sunday night was of course the Superbowl.  None of us were big Broncos or Seahawks fans (Mike is a Patriots fan, I’m the worst Giants fan ever), but we threw a small party and watched the game anyway! Mike made wings, his usual contribution, Andrew made pizza, and I made healthy buffalo cauliflower bites, so that we had at least one veggie on the table.

071 072 074 077

It’s a good thing that I run because otherwise I would probably weigh double what I do, eating what I do…

Did ya miss me?? I missed you guys!

Did you watch the Superbowl? Did your team win?

Favorite brunch spot?


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