Marathon Training: Weeks 3-5 Workout Logs

I’ve had a great couple of weeks of training, but I’ve had to be creative about how I’ve trained, due to my IT band injury and then a mandatory week off from exercise between weeks 3 and 4 after my eye surgery! Here’s how weeks 3-5 went:

Week 3: January 13-19

pittsburgh wk3
My knee started to hurt badly after normal “land” running in week 2, so I decided to do all my runs in the pool this week. Thankfully, this week was a step-down week in my training plan :) I was really pleased with this week – I managed to get in all the runs except for a 6 mile run on Saturday.  Pool running definitely doesn’t tire my body the same way that land running does, but it felt good to be running in some form without hurting my knee!

Monday: 30 min pool running *I equate 10 min of pool running to a mile on dry land*

Tuesday: 50 min pool running

Wednesday: 40 min pool running
I used the interval feature on my Garmin 210 watch to mimic interval running in the pool – I went 5 minutes hard and 2 minutes recovery.  This made the workout go by very fast!

Thursday: rest day

Friday: 55 min pool running
I got in my long run for the week in the morning because my surgery was in the afternoon and I knew I wanted one last workout before going cold turkey for a week!

Saturday and Sunday: OFF for post-surgery recovery

Total pool miles: 17.5

Total land miles: 0

Week 4: January 20-26

pittsburgh wk4
My goal this week was to get in a bunch of miles at the end of the week after I was cleared to work out again.  I didn’t try to make up all of my scheduled miles in the last few days, because that would be over-training! The most important thing to me was getting the equivalent of my long run done (that’s a key endurance workout for the marathon) and as many miles as I could reasonably do on the other days. I was only 7 miles short of the scheduled weekly mileage in the end, not bad!

Monday – Wednesday: OFF for post-surgery recovery, I managed a core workout on Wednesday

Thursday: yoga class @ gym

Friday: 60 min pool running
It felt awesome to be working out again!

Saturday: 8 mile run (10:43 avg pace) and 30 min pool run
I had an 11 mile run on the schedule this week, and I knew I didn’t want to spend all that time in the pool (it does get boring, running in place).  So I decided to try running 8 miles outside, and aside from the icy conditions, the run went really well! I was kind of glad that the ice slowed me down, because I probably couldn’t have handled a faster run.  I finished the run in the pool, and the water felt so refreshing to my tired body!

Sunday: 50 min pool running
I went for a recovery run in the pool the day after my run to build up my mileage a bit for the week.

Total pool miles: 14

Total land miles: 8

Week 5: January 27-February 2

pittsburgh wk5

I was encouraged my how well my 8 mile land run went the week before, so I decided to try 3 non-pool days this week, and ended up with 4 non-pool days and just one recovery run in the pool.  It felt so awesome to be back! I’ve been doing lots of knee and hip strengthening exercises to prevent future injuries – I’ve learned my lesson!

Monday: 3 miles outside, 10:38 avg pace
This run felt discouragingly slow, but I told myself that after two weeks of either rest or pool runs, it made sense that I lost some speed, but that I would build it back up! My legs felt tired after the weekend, so I shifted my normal Thursday rest day to Tuesday.

Tuesday: rest day

Wednesday: 6 miles hill training on treadmill
This was a great, challenging workout! I love playing with speeds and inclines on the treadmill – it makes the time go by so much faster and I can see improvements from week to week as I repeat a workout and find myself running faster or being able to handle steeper inclines.

Thursday: 35 min pool running and hot yoga at Mind Your Body Oasis

Mike and I took a hot flow class at night, and it totally kicked our butts! I was sore the next day, which has never happened to me after a yoga class before.

Friday: 6 mile tempo run outside – 8:37 avg pace!!
I was really nervous for this run, which was initially supposed to be a 6 mile race pace run with a target pace of 9:15.  I knew I had been running slower on Monday and I hadn’t done a proper pace run since…oh, early December.  Yea.  So I tempered my expectations and told myself I could just shoot for 4 miles at target pace and then slow it down.  But when I started running, my legs completely took over and decided we were going to run fast today!! I ended up running my first mile at 8:32, so I decided to see how long I could keep it up! Turns out, I could keep it up for all 6 miles.  Guys, this run was a HUGE confidence builder and had me believing that pool running really did help me keep up my fitness all that time I was away.  This was the run that made me fall in love with running all over again :)

Saturday: 12 mile long run outside with group
I met up with the DC Road Runners for their Saturday long run, and ended up getting smoked by them all.  My long run pace is about 10:00-10:30, and I was left behind by mile 3! It was still a good run and I fueled with Clif Shot Bloks and added a Nuun to my water (this was amazing, I’m definitely going to do it again).  I’m not sure whether I’ll try to keep running with the group or go back to my normal Meetup group, where people run more my pace but usually don’t do runs over 14 miles.  Avg pace: 10:11, right where I need to be.

IMG_20140201_074728_389 IMG_20140201_074825_157

Sunday: weights and 30 min cycling
Alexa, Andrew and I went to the gym early Sunday morning with the intention of going to Body Pump, but it was 100% full when we got there, so Andrew led us through a great weight routine instead! We were all sore the next day.  I also went back in the afternoon for a short cycling session to help my legs recover from the long run.

Total pool miles: 3

Total land miles: 27

My ratio of land to pool running is definitely moving in the right direction! I’m hoping I haven’t lost too much fitness and I’ll be okay for my longer runs coming down the pike.  From how week 5 went, I feel like I’m still in good shape for the marathon :)

What was your favorite run last week?

Are you training for any races right now?


3 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Weeks 3-5 Workout Logs

  1. Alexa

    Welcome back, Dawn! Those weeks of training sound great! Glad you had that amazing 6 mile run the other day!! You’re awesome!
    My half marathon training starts next week. I wanted to run on Monday, but the major snowstorm and lack of treadmill messed me up. I’ll be able to run on the treadmill later today, and I’m definitely counting my 2.5 hours of shoveling snow as strength training! lol

    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks Alexa! I was so pleased too, especially since I was quite nervous for that run. Must be tough training with the snow – be careful on the treadmill!

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