First PR of the Year – Love the Run You’re With 5K!

Happy Monday friends! Hope you all had a great weekend – mine was pretty busy, but a lot of fun :) I ran my first race on Sunday and earned my first PR of the year, a nice surprise!

I came down with a cold last week and ended up leaving work early on Friday to come home and sleep. Somehow, I never mustered up the energy to go for my six mile run, so I decided to push that to Saturday. Probably a good choice because I definitely needed the sleep and rest! Someone (Kitty) was totally on board with that and snuggled under the covers with me :)008Also, canned soup was a total lifesaver this past week because I didn’t really feel like eating anything else. I ate a lot of clam chowder and chicken noodle soup!

008Thankfully I was feeling a lot better by Saturday morning, so I got in an easy 6 mile run outside before heading to Body Pump. My legs were feeling good but I forced myself to keep an easy pace (~10:20) because I wanted to be somewhat rested for Sunday’s race. Body Pump, on the other hand, kicked my butt because the class was so full that the only weights I got my hands on were 12.5 pounds so I had to use them for everything – the triceps track was particularly challenging. My arms felt like Jell-O by the end of class!

Mike got a cycling class in as well, and after we showered we decided that we were craving burgers, so we drove over to Falls Church to check out Elevation Burger. I decided to wrap my Half-Guilt burger (one beef patty, one veggie patty) in lettuce because I would rather get my carbs from a boatload of fries. I actually didn’t miss the bun at all! Their burgers were juicy and tasty, but their fries were unfortunately disappointing – too small and limpy for my taste (yes, I do hear how that sounds…). Their chocolate shake though was like heaven in a cup – pretty much straight up chocolate ice cream. Next time, I think I’ll just get the regular burger (2 beef patties), skip the fries and drink a whole shake myself instead of sharing with Mike ;)

elevationburgerAfter lunch, Mike took me to Road Runner Sports to try out sneakers – my yellow Saucony Cortanas are on their last leg so I was looking to find a new long-distance sneaker (I won’t be running long distances in Cortanas anymore because the new models are too narrow for my hobbit feet).. I was initially impressed with the set-up they have going on in the store; they have several stations where they not only track how you run on the treadmill, but also take impressions of your arches and gauge your balance to help you find the best sneaker for you!IMG_20140208_132449_501IMG_20140208_132504_058What I didn’t appreciate was the fact that they didn’t let me try on shoes before going through all the stations and telling me all sorts of stuff about my gait/ feet/ ideal sneaker; I just wanted to try on a bunch of shoes and find out what felt right to me.  I also didn’t like the pushy sales style here – buy our custom orthotics! (got a pair from a podiatrist and never used them, no thank you) have you tried all these anti-blister socks? (yes, I have…) you should try out these foot massagers! (already have one, thanks)

Anyway, what should have taken 10 minutes took me over an hour! In the end, we walked out with a pair of sneakers (Brooks Ghost 6 in Wide) and some Powerbar gels. As awesome as the store layout and inventory are, I think I’ll be doing my shopping online from now on; I’m not a fan of the pushy/helpful sales experience here.

010 011 009

Pacers Love the Run You’re With 5K

On Sunday, I ran my first race of the year! I’m a big fan of Pacers races because they are very well organized, and this one was no exception. My race re-caps tend to be on the long side, so I’ll just do a few bullets this time especially since this was my second time running this race (last year’s recap here).

Transportation: Parking was a cinch; I parked in the free parking lot across the street from the mall and walked over to packet pick-up at Champps in Pentagon Row.

Pre-Race: I got to Pentagon Row really early (like 1.5 hours before the race), so I picked up my packet and headed over to Starbucks for a muffin and coffee =) I sat around for a while and read my Runner’s World magazine and then dropped my stuff off in the car about 15 minutes before the race.


Race: Race started on time, and I was not over-dressed for once (long sleeve, Brooks vest, long pants for 30 degree weather)! My legs were feeling awesome, so I just let myself run for the first two miles and ended up running 8:00, then 7:54. I realized on mile 3 that I could be on track for a PR, so I pushed myself to run another sub-8 mile. All went well till about a quarter mile in, when I started to feel like I was going to throw up. I could feel myself slowing down as my stomach heaved, and my pace slowed to 8:05, then 8:10…I thought my PR was going out the window. But after a minute, I pulled myself together and pushed myself hard to run up a short hill ahead, telling myself I could just coast down the other side. To my surprise, I shaved off seconds from my time on the hill and saw sub-8 on my watch again! I could see the finish line around the corner and figured I was still on track for a PR, so I  sprinted my way to the end. Third mile: 7:49 and 6:36 pace for the 0.1.

My final time: 24:37, which beats my June 2013 best of 25:59! I’m pretty proud to have finished under 25 minutes and started the year off on such a strong note.

Post-Race: Pacers had their usual wonderful post-race snack box, bananas and water. There was also a free drink ticket from Champps on the race bib, but I needed to drive home so I didn’t use mine.

017 018Instead of a t-shirt, this race usually gives out a race premium – this year it was a commemorative fleece blanket, same as last year. A Lucy-Approved product.

012After the race, I showered and we went to church, then we ate lunch at Thai in Shirlington, where I realized that I had left my phone at church. We went back to get it, but it was locked away somewhere so they told me to come back after service. I then went home and ran another 6 miles to get my day’s mileage up to 9, and went to yoga because I had skipped yoga earlier that week. I went back to church to get my phone, picked up some groceries and came home and collapsed on the couch!

When is/was your first race this year?

Favorite running shoe? I really love the Saucony Cortanas, just wish they came in a wide! I’m probably going back to Brooks for the time being…


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