Marathon Training: Week 6 Workout Log

This was a great step-back week that ended with a new 5K PR! I continued to substitute one easy run day with pool running, but I think I’ll try running 5 days this week and nixing the pool running for now.

pittsburgh wk6

Monday: 30 min easy pool run *I equate 10 minutes in the pool to a mile on land*

Tuesday: 6 mile intervals on treadmill
I had intended to complete 7 X 800 meters with 400 meter rest in between, which would get me close to 6 miles, but I was toast by interval #6, so I added 2 X 400 meters with 400 meter rest in between at the end.  My treadmill speeds for the 800s ranged from 7.3 to 7.6 – I’ll need to increase these to ~8.0 to work towards my goal marathon time! I also completed two sets of my hip/leg strengthening exercises (mix of squats, lunges, bridges, and some knee exercises) in the evening.

Wednesday: Rest day, moved planned run to Thursday
Completed foot/ core exercises in the evening.

Thursday: 4 easy miles on the treadmill (9:40 pace)
Completed hip/ leg strengthening exercises as well.

Friday: Rest day, moved planned run to Saturday

Saturday: 6 easy miles outside (10:23 pace), Body Pump
Completed foot/ core exercises in the evening.

Sunday: 9.1 miles total (5K, then 6 miles outside), yoga @ the gym

Total pool miles: 3
Total land miles: 25.1

I’ll share the strengthening exercises I’ve been doing in a post later this week.  They take all of 15 minutes and I can feel the difference in my lower body when I run – my posture and technique are better and nothing hurts.  Those exercises and my weekly yoga and weight lifting classes are all to proof myself against future running injuries and improve my running performance.

February Fun

This month has gotten off to an awesome start with my running injuries starting to go away and my first race of 2014! I’m also looking forward to:

Increasing my weekly mileage to 40 now that I’m not broken, lol
– Valentine’s Day coinciding with a 3 day weekend! We’ll be trying out Thai X-ing in DC (heard amazing things!), maybe watching a movie, and making chocolate truffles.
Our church small groups starting up again! Mike and I will try out a married couple’s group this semester.  We find it’s a great way to connect to other people in the church, which is hard to do with just a handshake on Sundays with DC Metro Church’s big congregation.
– Robin Thicke concert @ the end of the month with Alexa and her mom! Lol yup, you read that right – Alexa’s mom loves Robin Thicke too so the three of us will be going together to the concert on Feb 27 at the Patriot Center!

How many days do you run a week?

What are you looking forward to in the rest of this month?


5 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Week 6 Workout Log

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    1. Dawn H.

      Have you been there?? We’re not sure what to expect, some people posted rave reviews and others complained the food was kind of cold..

    2. DistrictSweats

      Ooh, never had a problem with cold food! I always go on Sundays for vegetarian night, and it’s always been delicious, especially the pumpkin curry. The place feels like you’re just sitting in someone’s home. That said, though, I would recommend requesting a table away from the door to avoid being hovered over while you eat.

      Hope you like it!

    3. Dawn H.

      We went on Saturday and had an amazing time! The pumpkin curry was just as good as I heard, and we really liked the Tom Yum soup too. I thought the service was fine and the food definitely wasn’t cold. I can see what you mean by a table away from the door though, and although we didn’t get seated near the door, I can see those tables must have been a little chilly too!

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