Snow and Sunshine

In case you haven’t heard, DC is expecting its first real snowstorm of the year! As I write this post on Wednesday evening, I’m 80% certain the government will be closed by the time this post is published on Thursday morning – that’ll take our snow day total to two already this year.  I guess I’ll be sitting around watching TV and running on the treadmill.


1. My new sneakers (Brooks Ghost 6) destroyed my feet during a 7 mile run yesterday.  There’s a hot spot that was rubbing against the top of my foot from mile 1.

010 002

I was so sad these didn’t work out, because I’ve been a big fan of Brooks sneakers in the past before (Glycerins and Adrenaline)! Thankfully RRS has a 90-day exchange policy on their sneakers, because I don’t think I can tough it out in these.  I’m thinking I’ll try a pair of New Balance 1080s next – I’ve been struggling to find the right fit for my wide, knobby feet in Brooks and Sauconys.

2. I’m completely addicted to Sherlock, BBC’s modern-day take on Sherlock Holmes.  It’s darker and more dramatic than Elementary (CBS’s also modern-day take), and the talented actors that play Holmes and Watson have a great rapport.  I just wish there were more episodes – they only produce three a season, but the episodes are longer.  They’ve been great for my longer treadmill runs!


3. I’m finally starting to understand linear algebra.  I was seriously struggling in class for the first two weeks, but after reading the textbook over and over and doing some practice problems, it is starting to make sense. I’m just glad to find out that my brain can handle some new math; it’s been nearly 8 years since my last math class.  By the way – proof that math actually hurts (link)!

4. I was peer-pressured into buying my first Bikram yoga package last week.  Luckily, Groupon was running a really good deal – 10 classes for $39 at Bikram Tysons.  I never thought I’d try Bikram because it seems kind of long and boring, but I used to think that about running, so I’m curious to see how it goes!

5. I’m hoping the weather warms up soon so that I can wear my latest Stitchfix find! It’s a cute navy open cardigan from 41Hawthorn in a long, loose style that I was surprised I liked.


Also in my January box were Adora Skinny jeans, a Loveappella dolman top, a Paula Bianco infinity scarf, and a LA MADE striped cardigan.


I found the scarf too chunky, the dolman didn’t fit quite right, and while I loved both the skinny jeans and striped cardigan, I found them both a little over-priced for what they were.  So I ended up keeping just the open cardigan.

I’ll be ordering another box in the spring! It’s such an easy way to add some style to my plain-Jane wardrobe :)

Sunshine Award


I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Award by Tamsyn @ Fat Girl to Ironman – I’m so honored, thanks for the nomination, Tamsyn! Please take a minute to check out this awesome girl’s blog – she has great recaps of her workouts and races and is continually getting stronger and faster!

11 things you may not know about me:

  • I’ve always wanted to join an a capella group, but am too afraid to try out.  So I live out this dream vicariously by watching a capella YouTube clips instead.
  • My weaknesses are running shoes and handbags.  I’m constantly window-shopping for both online…
  • My bad/ nervous habit is picking at and peeling my nails.  If you’ve noticed that I blog about nail polish every once in a while, it’s because painting my nails is the only way to keep myself from peeling them (for a while).
  • I love advice columns in newspapers like Carolyn Hax and Dear Prudence because sometimes the situations are so far-fetched that they make me appreciate all I have, and sometimes they’re so relate-able that I find myself applying the advice to my own life.
  • If you told 15 or 20-yr-old me that I would be athletic in any way when I got older and be a running addict, I would have told you that was in no way possible.  I’m the kid that quit all sports I ever tried after a season or less!
  • I’m kind of an adrenaline junkie – I love things that scare me a little and give me a rush, like skiing down steep slopes. I really want to try hang gliding someday…
  • I’m addicted to crime TV – Bones, Castle, Law and Order, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Sherlock, Elementary – I watch them all.
  • I daydream a lot while running! Some common themes: winning the lottery, being kidnapped and miraculously escaping, qualifying for Boston.  All equally likely (or unlikely).
  • I’m kind of an expert at filing taxes, because I had to do my parent’s taxes last year and they were cray complicated.  Small business owner, depreciation of goods, energy savings, foreign investments – I know all the forms.
  • I hate pilates but love yoga.
  • I wake up most days and wish I could switch places with my cats.

Now I’m supposed to nominate 11 other bloggers who I find positive, inspirational, and creative, but all of the bloggers I follow have already received this award! So this is me, nominating YOU.  If you’re a blogger, you can link to this post, blog about your Sunshine Award and let us know 11 things about you! If you’re not a blogger, post in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Snow and Sunshine

    1. Dawn H.

      I felt it right away. If you were able to run in them already, you probably don’t have the hot spot I did!

  1. I took ’em back and ordered the Saucony Triumph isos. The upper didn’t feel right.

    I used to do what you do, road race, 5ks, etc…. til I saw the light and started running Masters track. Sprinting is a whole body sport, 5ks are more about lungs than legs. Much better for me over all.

    1. Dawn H.

      Sprinting sounds both painful and very fun. I loved sprinting as a kid, but haven’t tried it as an adult…

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