Some Pics from the Weekend

Happy Presidents’ Day! Mike and I are enjoying the day off today – we have plans to play at Top Golf, eat some Korean food, and follow it all up with a hot yoga date at night :) Some other activities this weekend:


Mike surprised me (and our roommate Andrew) by cooking dinner for us! Sea bass and my favorite, scallops.PicMonkey vdayAnd he proved once again that he knows the way to my heart.  Chocolate lava cake served a la mode for dessert.  I was a very happy girl!018After all that food, my 7 mile run surprisingly did not happen, so I decided to move it to Sunday as a recovery run.


My plans to run 14 miles with my running group did not happen when I saw ICE PELLETS on the forecast for the morning.  Yea…I’ll take the treadmill, thanks.  It wasn’t fun and my knee didn’t love me afterwards, but I got it done! Followed it up with my latest favorite recovery tool: ice baths.022Is it weird that I really look forward to my weekly ice bath? I just sit there and watch something on the ipad while sipping hot chocolate for 15 minutes and it isn’t too bad.  I swear my legs recover faster – I could walk around the rest of the day just fine!

I made dinner plans at Thai X-ing that night – it did not disappoint! It’s just as quaint as everyone says – we felt like we were sitting in someone’s home with the mish-mash of chairs/ couches and tables, but the cozy atmosphere, candlelight and low volume made for a perfect date.  Oh, and the food was really, really good.  As good as anything we ate in Thailand on our trip last year.

024 025 026 028 029Our favorites were the Tom Yum Goong soup, spicy papaya salad, pumpkin curry, chicken drumstick, and the coconut sticky rice pudding.  By the way, you don’t order here – it’s ~$40 a person and the whole meal is chef’s choice! It was a really fun, memorable night and we look forward to taking friends and family here!


After a late morning church service, we headed over to Mussel Bar and Grille‘s new location in Arlington.  It was our first time, and we were hoping it was good because we’re both big fans of mussels and haven’t found a good location in Arlington yet! It was everything we were hoping for and more.  Great mussels, awesome grits, amazing sweet potato fries, and an extensive beer selection.  The space was also beautiful – open kitchen, lots of sunlight – just a great place to linger over a leisurely meal.  We’re already planning to bring Mike’s dad here when he visits in a few weeks!

IMG_20140216_124835_870IMG_20140216_125437_341 IMG_20140216_125515 IMG_20140216_124341Like I’ve said before, it’s a good thing I run so I can get all this eating done :)

Have you done an ice bath before? Do you think it’s effective?

Favorite protein powder? We’ve been drinking Designer Whey for years, but I’ve been hearing good things about Vega…


2 thoughts on “Some Pics from the Weekend

  1. Hi! I like your new blog design :-) You’re so brave to do ice baths. I’ve filled a bath with cold water and sat in it for 40 minutes after a marathon, but I’ve never added icecubes as there haven’t been any readily available! I’ve heard that alternating very cold water with warm water on your legs in the shower can also have a benefit.

    I love blueberry supeviatlity protein powder (a British brand). It’s really nice in porridge, and one day I’ll make pancakes with it!

    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks Tamsyn! I re-did the header like 5 times this weekend, but I think I’m finally happy with it :) I keep making and storing ice during the week so I can dump it all in the bath on Saturday. I find that the ice is much more bearable with a hot drink like hot chocolate in hand.

      Ooo, that sounds good – blueberry protein powder! Wish I could find some here!

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