Marathon Training: Week 7 Workout Log

marathon wk7 log

Whew, I spent all week on the treadmill, thanks to the wintry and windy weather DC’s been having! My left knee hasn’t been feeling great, so I’m just grateful that I’ve been able to get through my runs.  I’m heading over to the physical therapist later this week; hopefully they’ll be able to show me some exercises to strengthen my knee so I can run pain-free again.

Monday: 4 mile easy run on T/M
Completed Routine A (hip/ leg strengthening exercises) in the evening.

Tuesday: 7 mile hill run on T/M
This was a great workout; I did a 6 mile hill run a few weeks ago and had to slow down and take down the incline, but I was able to power through with no problems today! Unfortunately, I think I’ll have to back off the hill work for a while because this run aggravated my knee.

Wednesday: Rest day, moved planned run to Thursday

Thursday: 40 min on elliptical
My knee still wasn’t feeling right, so I swapped my 4 mile easy run for the elliptical.  Completed Routine B (foot/ core exercises) as well.

Friday: Rest day, moved planned run to Sunday
Completed Routine A in the evening.

Saturday: 14 miles on the T/M!
This was close to a treadmill record for me – surpassed only by a 15 mile run I did in 2012 on a very hot weekend.  I survived by watching an episode of Sherlock (90 min), Nashville, and Parks and Recreation.  I also went through two big bottles of water + Nuun, some Clif ShotBloks, and a Powerbar gel.

Sunday: 7 miles recovery on the T/M
I finished up my workout with a weight lifting session!

Total land miles: 32

I didn’t make it to a yoga class this week, so I’m going to focus on some more stretching this week, and I’ll take advantage of the warmer weather rolling in to do some runs outside!

What’s the longest run you’ve done on a treadmill?


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