New Shoes + Six Mile Treadmill Workouts

Hey guys,

As you may have noticed, I spent some time re-designing the blog this weekend, as I do probably 3-4 times a year, lol.  It was a lot of fun and Mike helped me out with some of the custom CSS I wanted on my site :) It’s nice to be married to someone who knows how to code!  Anyway, please let me know if you notice broken links or other problems around the blog.

New Running Shoes

My new sneakers arrived this weekend! I took the New Balance 890v3 (these will be short-mid distance shoes for me) out for a short 4 mile run on Tuesday and LOVED them; the fit is great and the cushioning near the ball of the foot is so comfortable. I can’t believe how much support they provide for such a light shoe.  I also got a pair of New Balance 1080v3 (these will be my long run shoes) and tried them out on a short run last night – they felt good and cushioned my knee quite well!

001 005 006

BTW, I didn’t mean to buy 2 new pairs of shoes at once…but after Mike bought me the 1080s for a Valentine’s Day present, I saw the 890s on crazy sale at Running Warehouse and couldn’t resist! They cost me $50 with a coupon code, and I knew I’d need another pair at some point this year.  I might be devoted to NB shoes now – they’re so light and comfortable.  I’ll do full reviews after I’ve put some more miles on them both.

Injury(ies) Update

The good news: my right plantar seems to be doing just fine.  I still do Routine B twice a week and use the spiky ball to strengthen my feet, but I didn’t feel it act up or feel tight last week at all!

foot rubz

The bad news: my left knee is still bothering me.  I don’t think it’s the IT band syndrome I had earlier this year; the pain is towards the front and bottom of the knee cap so I think it’s Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS).  I’ve been running anyway because the pain goes away five minutes into the run, but I’m also going to see a physical therapist on Friday to get some exercises and a treatment plan.  Fingers crossed that I can keep running…

Six Mile Treadmill Workouts

I’ve had to do a lot of my marathon training on the treadmill the last couple of weeks thanks to the weather.  I get pretty bored running at the same speed/ incline for anything longer than a few miles, so I’ve been creating workouts incorporating changes in speed (interval workouts) and incline (hill workouts) to make the time fly by.  I wanted to share the six mile workouts I created a few weeks ago with you – try them out if you’re stuck indoors or don’t have access to running paths!

60min treadmill hill 6 mi intervalsEnjoy!

Are you loyal to a sneaker brand? I haven’t been so far (switched between Brooks and Saucony the last few years), but NB might be winning my loyalty!

Where do you do your runs – treadmill or road or trail?


13 thoughts on “New Shoes + Six Mile Treadmill Workouts

  1. I’m a loyal brooks fan. Last year I thought I’d finally try to break the mold and went to a running store to see what they put me in. First I tested out some asics, but after one long 10-miler determined them to be too clunky/heavy/much. Then I grabbed a pair of mizuno’s which were light and I liked that but after wearing them for a while I think my foot shifts in them too much. So I’m back to Brooks. I have a really wide toe box which Brooks accommodates.

    1. Dawn H.

      Yes, Brooks definitely has a wider toe box than most of the other brands I’ve tried! I found Mizuno and Saucony to be too narrow for my wide feet. That’s great that you found a brand that worked for you :)

    1. Dawn H.

      I love your blog layout; it’s so clean! It’s really easy making changes – I just bought the custom CSS, googled for the specific changes I wanted to make and pasted the code in. Mike helped me with some of the trickier stuff with the menu I wanted.

  2. I’m also a fan of Brooks. I have Vapors for long runs and Pure Cadence/Pure Flow for shorter runs… but for muddy trails I love Salomon Speedcross shoes.

    I like your treadmill plans… but I never run on a treadmill. I find that I get too hot and too bored. I guess if I had the space and money to have a treadmill at home then I might use it, but I prefer running in the fresh air with my friends. Running is my social life!

    1. Dawn H.

      Ooo nice, I’ve wanted to try Pure Flows, and I might pick up a pair of trail shoes this summer after my marathon. Running outside is definitely better than running on a treadmill!

  3. love the new layout. came across your blog a couple months ago while searching for marathon training schedules…i somehow found myself signing up for my first marathon this year – so it was nice to read your story.

    i’ve always been loyal to nikes, but i know i need a better long-distance shoe. bought my first mizunos (wave rider 17) at the recommendation of salesperson. first treadmill jog with them last night – they were uncomfortable!! do you believe in a “break-in” period?? don’t want to miss my chance to exchange because they were expensive! i’m taking notes on all your shoes, lol!

    most of my runs are on the treadmill…

    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks, glad you like the layout! Good luck with your marathon! Which one are you running?

      I’ve definitely found that some shoes need some break-in time, but after 5-6 runs I know if a shoe is going to work for me. If your feet HURT in the shoes from the get-go (too narrow, too small, hot spots rubbing against your feet, pain in the arches of your feet), I would return the shoes and look for another pair. If the fit is uncomfortable but gets better over a few runs, that’s probably your feet and the shoes adjusting to each other.

    2. i”m running the honolulu marathon. it’s in december, so i have some time to iron out the kinks. i ended up trading in the mizunos for asics gt2000. they didn’t hurt, but were uncomfortable…too much support. i think i need to go back to something more neutral…

      thanks for the info!

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