Friday Finds #2: Workout Gear Edition

Ready for the Weekend

Yesterday was my rest day, which my knee (and the rest of my body) really needed after a tough and windy 7 mile pace run on Wednesday.  I spent yesterday evening foam-rolling and doing some knee exercises while catching up on Downton Abbey =)

I have my first PT session for my knee today at Solutions Physical Therapy in Alexandria. I’m hoping they’re able to pinpoint my muscular weaknesses and give me some strengthening exercises so that my knee starts feeling strong again (I’m guessing I’ll be given something like this pamphlet, which I’ve been using for the last two weeks as a guide).  I’m not sure what to expect since I’ve never done PT before, but I’m willing to put in the work to get my knee in good shape again!

I am definitely ready for the weekend at this point– I felt pretty tired this week thanks to the combination of increased mileage, longer hours at work to make up for snow days, and my linear algebra class, which is hurting my brain…. I’m looking forward to getting in a good long run on Saturday, followed by a good long nap :) Before I check out for the weekend, I’ll leave you with another Friday Finds!

Friday Finds #2: Workout Gear

This is another round-up of what’s been rockin’ my world lately – here’s the first one if you missed it!

1. Nuun Hydration Tablets


After seeing the constant hype about Nuun on various running blogs, I picked up two tubes at Pacers last year and tried them as soon as I got home…and was unimpressed.  I thought the flavoring was too subtle and the carbonation didn’t do anything for me.  But I pulled them out a few weeks ago with the intent of using them up and tried adding a tablet to a water bottle during my run.  Instant love!! The carbonation and electrolytes made me feel refreshed and less fatigued, and the sweetness helped me take in more fluid to keep dehydration at bay.  They’re really helping me on the long runs, in addition to my usual energy gels and chews.  Each tube contains 16 tablets, each one enough for 16-24 oz of water, so I think they’ll last me a while!

2. Sugoi Subzero Tights

sugoi subzero(source)

When the polar vortex rolled in, I realized I needed to get a warmer pair of tights and found these marked down at RnJ Sports (they’re still on sale for $68, normal price $85).  From the moment I pulled them on they were my favorite pair of running tights – they’re thick and cozy and don’t have the dreaded ankle zippers!  I’ve worn them in 10 degree windy weather and they’ve kept my legs warm and comfortable.  The only problem (not really a problem) is that I have to save them for really cold days because they’re too warm otherwise =P

3. Brooks Adapt Vest


If you hate wearing jackets but want something to keep your core warm, I highly recommend this vest! I bought it on Black Friday sale last year and have worn it a lot since.  It’s extremely light (I barely notice it’s on), but when it’s zipped up all the way, it adds a lot of insulation to your core.  I wore it during the Love the Run You’re With 5K (pic above) and have pulled it out for every outdoor run that didn’t require 100 layers.  Dare I say, it even looks stylish?

The downside is the price (it’s originally $110), but it’s been marked down to $72 on the Brooks website and it’ll probably be marked down further when new gear comes out next winter.

4. Manduka Yoga Mat Towel


I finally traded in my beach towel for a Manduka yoga mat towel (I found it in a closet in my mom’s house…random since she doesn’t do hot yoga lol) to bring to hot yoga.  I find that once it gets a little damp, the non-slip grip works really well and the towel doesn’t move around on the mat like my beach towel did.  I also like that the yoga towel doesn’t shed; I don’t end up with fluff all over my clothes after class.  Yoga mat towels can be pretty pricey (upwards of $50), but I found them on sale at Derailed and bought the same towel for Mike for $20 =) Man, I should do a post with all the websites I’ve found with the best prices/ coupons sometime…why pay full price when you don’t have to, right?

5. Warmer Weather in DC

It’s finally starting to warm up a little in DC, thank goodness! I actually don’t mind the cold, but the icy/ slushy paths have forced me to take some of my runs indoors lately.  I’m looking forward to some good weather during my long run this weekend.  We’ll see if I can keep up with the fast DCRR crew this time…

weather 20Feb2014

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