The Ugliest Burger + Marathon Training Week 8

Happy Monday friends! We had a fairly low key weekend here.  Friday night was a popcorn and movie kinda night.   The movie (We Are the Millers) was just okay, but this homemade smoked paprika popcorn was good :)001Saturday morning was my long run – more on that below! I did use my Nathan Intensity 2L Race Vest for the first time and LOVED it.  It was way more water than I needed for my 15 mile run, so I know it’ll be plenty for my even longer runs! It also fit two gels, a bag of shot bloks, and a 22 oz water bottle in the side pockets, and I stuck my phone and keys in the roomy back pocket.  It didn’t bounce at all, but I did experience a little chafing at the back and sides, so I’ll have to lube up those hot spots next time.

nathan race vestI was in the mood for a big juicy burger and shake after the run, so we decided to try Good Stuff Eatery in Arlington, one of Chef Spike Mendelsohn’s restaurants.  Don’t judge this burger by its looks – the sunnyside up egg in Spike’s Sunnyside Burger made a mess, but was really good! And of course we had to try the signature Toasted Marshmallow Shake ;)

IMG_20140222_123927_699IMG_20140222_123815_272The shake was delicious, but I’m still a chocoholic :) good stuff eatery The rest of the day was devoted to studying; I have my first linear algebra test coming up in two weeks! Sunday was more studying, Body Pump with Mike, and a recovery run with my new NB 1080s.  Jury’s still out on these – they’re comfortable and the upper doesn’t rub me wrong at all, but my feet heat up in these like none other! I might try getting some thinner socks and seeing if that does the trick.

007Marathon Training: Week 8 Workout Log

This week’s training was very satisfying – I finally worked up to 5 days of “land” running and had a GREAT long run on Saturday.  My mileage is also increasing – this was my highest weekly mileage in over a year, since I didn’t train for a marathon last year! I’m starting to feel more prepared to run 26.2 miles in May…
pittsburgh wk8
Monday: 4 miles easy on the treadmill (9:48 pace)
I also got in a hot yoga date with Mike at Mind Your Body Oasis at night – they were so nice about not charging us for our no-shows on the previous Thursday due to the weather! Apparently they don’t enforce their policy of charging for cancellations within 24 hrs yet, which is great for a flake like me.  Love this place.

Tuesday: 4 miles intervals on T/M
This was supposed to be a 7 mile interval workout, but my knee couldn’t take the constant stopping and starting and I barely finished 4 miles :( Hopefully PT will strengthen my knee so I can do intervals again!

Wednesday: 7 miles pace outside (9:10 pace)
This run was a lot harder than it should have been – I felt great going out, but the 3.5 miles back were tough! I’ll blame the windy day for this one.

Thursday: rest day!

Friday: rest day – moved planned run to Sunday.  Also started PT exercises with Shera @ Solutions Therapy.

Saturday: 15 mile run with CAR (10:47 pace)
I went looking for a new running group for Saturday’s long run – I really liked DC Road Runners, but couldn’t find someone in my pace range.  I emailed George, the coach of Capital Area Runners (CAR) on Thursday to ask what the pace range of the group was, and let him know that I was looking to run about a 10 min pace.  He went as far to email the folks he knew that ran about that pace to find out if someone would be coming on Saturday to run with me! I ended up running with Sandra and we were a perfect match for 14 miles.  The pace was a little slower than I would have liked, but I also felt so strong at the end of the run that I was able to pick up the pace for my last mile, which I did solo.  This run was a huge confidence builder, and running and talking with Sandra made the time go by quickly! I think I’ve found a new running group :)

Sunday: 7 mile recovery outside (9:48 pace)
My legs felt surprisingly good on this run, considering I ran my longest distance in over a year the day before – I’ll give the credit to my ice bath and vigorous foam rolling! Also went to Body Pump in the morning to get in some strength training.

What’s your favorite part of the weekend? Sleeping in and the ice bath after my long runs – I know, I’m a weirdo!!


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