Winter Skin Care

Happy Friday guys! We had a great time at the Robin Thicke concert yesterday. I know he must be going through a really rough time emotionally (he acknowledged it a few times during the night, and said at one point that he’s working to get his wife back), but he was a true professional and put on a great show.  Surprisingly (or maybe not) – it was far less crowded than the Lionel Richie concert we went to back in September, so the traffic on the way to the Patriots Center was better as was our parking spot.  I’ll take it!

I have my third PT session at Solutions Physical Therapy this afternoon.  I’ve been doing my exercises daily, and I’ve ordered my own roll of KT tape so I can tape my knee cap in place – I think the tape helps to keep my knee tracking correctly, and I don’t feel as much pain when I start running.  I’ve seen way too many posts lately about bloggers sidelined with various injuries; what’s going on, is it the weather?? At any rate, I’m very grateful to be able to run right now, and I’m doing all I can to speed my knee recovery!

Winter Skin Care

Today I wanted to share my low-key regimen for taking care of my skin in the wintertime.  I keep a fairly consistent approach to skincare products – I like to find products that are effective on my skin, and I’ll just keep buying them over and over.  But I also tend to change a few products out to address how my skin changes with the seasons (and years!).  So this is what I’ve been using this winter:

daytime combo: Shiseido Toner and EltaMD UV Physical SPF 41 Tinted Facial Sunscreen (what a mouthful!).  I like to swipe on toner before any other products, although I’m not sure it really does anything.  I’ve used witch hazel toner in the past for a cheaper option, but I really don’t like the smell so I went back to Shiseido toners (not picky about which one).  I’ve been using the EltaMD SPF41 facial sunscreen for years – I like that it’s a physical sunblock instead chemical (you can read about the differences here, sister J told me to stop wearing chemical sunscreens), and the tint provides light coverage and blends into my skin effortlessly! If they ever stop making this I’m going to buy a dozen tubes.
nighttime: I’ve been alternating between Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + (got it as a sample with purchase last year) and Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum.  The Clinique lotion is very moisturizing and the serum has been erasing the few acne scars I have and smoothing my skin.  They’re both richer products than I’ve used in the past, but my skin needs the hydration this year! If I have a pimple, I’ll dab on some Mario Badescu Drying Lotion before bed – love this stuff.  It kills pimples quickly without drying out my skin.
when running outside: EltaMD UV Sport Waterproof SPF 50 Sunscreen or Clinique Face Cream SPF 50.  I like both because they don’t cause me to break out, but I prefer the drier feel of the EltaMD.
for chapped lips: My lips have been peeling like crazy this winter, so I got a tub of Lush Mint Julips lip scrub, which smells (and tastes) amazing.  I also reach for my tube of Blistex Medicated Lip Balm with SPF 15 several times a day.  Thankfully, my lips are finally starting to feel normal after weeks of icky peeling!
for dry hands: My hands were also super dry and cracked this year, so I started using hand cream regularly.  I like Gold Bond Intensive Healing Hand Cream because it doesn’t feel greasy and absorbs fast! Mike loves this too – we actually can’t find it in DC, so Mike asked his dad to bring some over from California (he’s visiting next week), lol.  Of all the things…
What’s been your go-to skincare product this winter?

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