Weekend Fun+Marathon Training Week 9

Pics from the Weekend

From the Robin Thicke concert last Thursday (not quite the weekend, but the most exciting thing I did all last week):
007 004
We got home late (for me – past midnight), and I got into work before 7 AM on Friday, so I was too tired to go out and watch Lone Survivor with them on Friday night – I really want to see this movie though! Mike and I stayed home instead and watched J. Edgar, the story of the first FBI director.  Despite the interesting life he led and the great actors in the movie, we actually found the movie to be pretty boring and slow paced, so I don’t recommend it.  The best part about watching the movie at home was homemade truffle popcorn and hot chocolate, of course.
It was NICE sleeping in on Saturday and not getting up at 6:30 for my long run! We went to brunch with Alexa, her mom and Andrew at Logan Tavern.  Their food was pretty solid, but their bloody mary menu looks straight-up amazing.  I didn’t get one this time so we need to fix that immediately.
026 025
Afterwards, well, Pacers was right next door.  Mike is a good man and he let me go inside.  I stocked up on a little more Nuun and also picked up a pair of Superfeet to see if they help with my minor plantar fascia irritation.
We followed that up with a visit to Pitango Gelato – man, Logan Circle has everything! They had all sorts of tasty-looking things inside.  Can I buy that sipping chocolate machine??
027 028 031They had a sidewalk sign tempting us to try their affogato, which is a scoop of gelato in hot chocolate or espresso, so we decided to go for that.  We shared a pistachio gelato in hot chocolate and fought each other for the cup on the way to the car.  Maybe next time we should get two.032
I followed all that fun with a couple hours of studying for my test on Wednesday, with a much-needed gym break around 5 (short treadmill run + weights).

I had to get up on Sunday a tad on the early side – my alarm was set for 5:20 AM so I could get to packet pick-up for the Reston 10 Miler at 6:30.  I questioned my sanity several times as I got dressed while my partner slumbered (I think that’s a verb, yes?), but got to Reston in record time and had a great race.  Recap coming later this week.

My post-race runger was alleviated by Medi in Shirlington.  We hadn’t been here in a while and I forgot how much I love their pitas and spicy 17 spread!
071I got the chicken souvlaki pita with the spicy 17 spread.  Their hummus is pretty good too.065064This place seriously has the best pitas (they grill them before stuffing them), and we always get a few extra pitas to go with our meal.  Maybe I’ll just a stack of these to carbo-load for my next race, there’s a tempting thought.

I spent the afternoon studying, blogging, and getting some chores done around the house.  A pretty relaxing weekend!

Marathon Training: Week 9 Workout Log

I can’t believe I’m already halfway through my training plan! The hard part is about to start though, I have some higher mileage weeks coming up as the 20 mile weekend runs approach, so it was nice having a step-back week to give my body a chance to rest.  I was glad to hit five days of running again; hopefully my injuries are behind me and a successful marathon is in front of me :)
pittsburgh wk9Monday: 4 miles easy on the treadmill (10:09 pace)

Tuesday: hot yoga flow class @ MYBO with Mike – this one was tougher than it felt at the time – I was SORE the next day!

Wednesday: 5 mile hill workout on treadmill (10:00 pace) – similar to this one.  I can tell my knee is getting stronger and/or the KT tape is helping, because my knee didn’t hurt on the hills this week.  Maybe in a few weeks, I’ll try doing intervals again.

Thursday: rest day!

Friday: 4 miles easy on the treadmill (10:15 pace)

Saturday: 3 miles easy on the treadmill (10:30 pace) and some strength training – PBF’s Total Body Superset Workout.  Probably not the best idea to strength train the day before a race; I don’t think I’ll be doing that again…

Sunday: Reston 10 Miler – I brought home a shiny new PR! Race recap coming soon.

I wasn’t crazy about all the treadmill time, but I figure the weather is a temporary problem and I’ll be able to run outside as much as I want starting this week soon, lol.  Plus, it’s a great way to catch up on TV shows ;)

In other news, we have a snow day here today :) I’m not crazy about more snow since it means more treadmill time this week, but I like having the extra time to blog study…

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 7.05.20 PMBloody Marys, yay or nay?

Did you run this weekend? How far did you go?


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