Sneaker Therapy Turns 1!


Hi friends!

Yesterday was my 1 year blog-oversary! I started blogging regularly on March 3 last year (you’ll see a few older posts, but I only blogged about once a month before this date) with a post on my Winter Gear Review.

While the focus of my blog has not changed – I’m still blogging about running and healthy living – I’ve played around with different types of posts, blog format, and my tone/ style.  I’m honestly surprised that I’ve stuck with it for this long, and I credit it all to your encouragement!! It’s fun being creative and putting myself out there, but it would get old if no one was reading what I wrote :P

Some fun stats about Sneaker Therapy’s first year:

top 3 posts (over the past year):
1. Peroneal Tendonitis: Part 1 – this gets a ton of hits every day
2. Black Toenail (my first running injury)
3. How I trained for my first marathon ever (Hal Higdon Novice 1)

top 5 search engine terms (over the past year):
1. peroneal tendonitis, peroneal tendon
2. puffed millet recipes
3. whole30 breakfast recipes
4. korean spaghetti recipe
5. sneaker therapy (probably my family, looking for my blog lol)

total posts in a year: 228 – that’s about 5 posts a week!

My favorite posts to write are the weekly training logs – I like the opportunity to look back on a week of training and reflect on my progress, which can be hard to see on a day-to-day basis.  I also enjoy product review posts like my latest Friday Finds because when I like something, I want my friends to discover it too :)

Anyway, thank you for visiting this little blog of a somewhat-newbie runner and encouraging me over the past year! I hope to continue creating enjoyable and useful content for you all.

Oh and of course, happy Mardi Gras! If I didn’t have my test to study for, I’d be making these cupcakes….  I spent six hours cramming for the test on my snow day yesterday so hopefully I’m prepared for the test tomorrow!


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