Weekend in Pics (Copper Fox Distillery)

Friday Night

Mike’s dad came to the east coast for a business trip and came to stay with us for the weekend! To kick off our weekend in style, Mike made cioppino stew for the first time.  It was really, really good, even to someone not crazy about seafood (like me).
004 005 008My contribution to the meal was veggies – the usual roasted brussel sprouts.002To make the stew, Mike first made the tomato-based broth, cooked the scallops and tilapia separately, and cooked the clams and shrimp in the broth of the stew.  We then placed the scallops/ fish in bowls…009And poured the stew on top!010Yum.  It was the sort of dinner that you linger over as you dip hot, crusty bread into the soup and get every last bit.012


Saturday brought gorgeous, gorgeous weather, but I wasn’t feeling too great so I decided to post-pone my morning run till the afternoon, and enjoyed a relaxing breakfast instead.  Carrot-banana muffin spread with coconut manna with a Chobani flip on the side.

014Next up was a quick food shopping trip, where I was very happy to see some of my favorite products on sale! I’ve been on a real ice cream and hot chocolate kick lately, probably my body’s way of telling me to increase my calories with the higher mileage weeks…either that or it’s my usual crazy sweet tooth ;)018 017After I got back, we got going on a highly anticipated road trip to Copper Fox Distillery located about an hour and a half south of Alexandria in Sperryville, VA.  We asked locals for a lunch recommendation, and wound up at the Thornton River Grille, just down the road from the distillery – highly recommend this place! It was packed at lunchtime and we had to wait 15 minutes for a table. Well worth the wait though – My father-in-law, a self-proclaimed “expert eater”, said this was the best Reuben sandwich he has ever eaten.025After lunch, we headed over to the Copper Fox Distillery.  This place just oozes rustic charm!028 030 031 034 035The employees give tours of the distillery every half hour, so we decided to find out a little about their whiskey-making process.  First stop: the germinating room (I don’t remember the actual names of the rooms…this is my closest guess!).  This is where the freshly cut grain is soaked in water and spread on the ground to germinate and turn their starches into sugars.042 043They hand-rake the seeds on the floor intermittently – apparently they are one of only a few distilleries to do this process through manual labor.  We got to taste some of the grain at this part of the process and it did have a slightly sweet flavor.044Next stop was the drying room, where the germination process is cut short as the grain is roasted and dried, often with some cherry or applewood smoke.  No pics here, the room was hot.

The grain is then crushed into a mash and fermented in huge open tanks.  This is also the room where the distillation of the alcohol takes place! No tasting here, unfortunately!

046 048The next stop was the barrel room, where the liquor is stored in big casks and aged.047 049Copper Fox does not age its whiskey for very long (usually about a year or two), but they experiment a lot with adding different types of wood and barrels in the aging process to add depth of flavor.050By the end of the tour, we were completely sold on trying their whiskey, which by the way is used by Founding Farmers to craft their drinks.  We wandered around their little shop…039 038 040and ended up buying their barrel kit, which allows people to age whiskey at home! You add two bottles of whiskey to the barrel and let it age for about 4-6 months.  Tastings during the aging process are encouraged so you can see how the whiskey is changing in flavor!051We lost no time in setting it up at home :) We’ll get to drink it right around Mike’s birthday in September.052After we got back from the distillery, I was feeling a little more awake and alert, so I went for an 8 mile pace run outside.  I felt great for the first half, and then turned around and found the wind had been at my back and now I had to run into the wind! But I got it done – 8 miles at 9:06 pace.  Looking forward to a good Korean dinner the whole time…053


Sunday morning was my long run day – 17 miles with CAR.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone around my pace today, so I thought I was going to run by myself the entire time.  But one of the “slower” runners (who’s running  Boston this year, no big deal) saw me around mile 12 and dropped down to my pace to help me finish the run! I was so grateful – we were running against the wind again, and he helped me pick up the pace and did most of the talking to help the miles go by.  Thanks so much, Jamie!

I got home, took my ice bath and showered quickly so we could make the 12:30 service at church.  I may or may not have made Mike stop at McDonald’s along the way, lol.  After church, we relaxed at home for a bit and watched the second Hunger Games, and then went out for dinner at Ray’s to the Third (after discovering that Toki Underground is not open on Sunday).  So yes, I ate burgers twice in one day.

How many miles did you run this weekend?

Best movie you’ve watched lately?


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