Marathon Training: Week 10 Workout Log

Last week was my first week of 40+ miles in this training cycle! It helped that the mileage was spread out over 5 days so none of the weekday runs felt excessive.  I honestly wasn’t sure when I started this plan whether I would be able to sustain 5 days of running each week (this is my first time regularly running more than 4 days a week), but I’m finding that my body can keep up so far!

I’ve found that the keys to making this manageable and not burning out has been keeping the easy runs very easy, and being flexible about the paces I want to hit based on how my body feels that day (even for the speed workouts).  I definitely push myself beyond my comfort zone because that’s how you improve, but if I can feel my form suffering or something starts hurting, I dial my effort back so the run is hard, but doable.  Here’s what I did this week!

wk10 training

Monday: 4 miles easy on the treadmill (10:30 pace)
I followed up my run with this core workout on the Skimble App – I’m getting back into the habit of doing core work this week and Skimble has a ton of great core-focused workouts!

Tuesday: Body Pump at the gym – I was feeling tired so I decreased my weights for just about every track, but my muscles still felt the burn the next day.  I’d love to get in 2 strength days a week after the marathon is over.

Wednesday: 8 miles sustained hills on the treadmill (10:21 pace)
I tried something different with my hill training on the treadmill this time – instead of building up to greater inclines for short periods of time, I tried to stick it out with lower inclines for a longer period of time (incline of 2 for 10 minutes, incline of 3 for 10 minutes, etc).  This was actually pretty painful for my injured knee, and my physical therapist advised that I stick to the shorter hill intervals for now.  I think this will be a great workout to train for the long hills on the Pittsburgh marathon course once my knee recovers!

Thursday: rest day

Friday: 4 miles easy on the treadmill (10:00 pace)
Another Skimble core workout (Washboard Abs Blast) after the run.  If I keep this up for a few more weeks, I’ll definitely have a six-pack, right??

Saturday: 8 miles pace outside (9:05 pace)
This run felt great for the first four miles, until I turned around at the halfway point and discovered the wind had been at my back.  I changed up my usual running route and ran through Glencarlyn Park on the WO&D trail- forgot how beautiful this area is!

Sunday: 17 miles with CAR (10:11 pace)
My goal for this run was to get my pace closer to 10:15 – I felt that my 15 mile run a two weeks ago was a little on the slow side at a 10:47 pace.  I managed this goal and a negative split thanks to a CAR member who paced me for the last five miles – this is why I love running with a group :)

I’m now more than halfway done with my marathon training plan – just six more weeks of hard running and then I enter the taper.  I’m already freaking out and thinking about what to run next after Pittsburgh because my training schedule is a giant blank after May 4…maybe the half at the Alexandria Running Festival? Zooma Annapolis? Or maybe I should just focus on the three races I have coming up for now– RnR USA, Cherry Blossom 10, and Pittsburgh…

I’ll leave you with this picture from the Reston 10 Miler. I think this might be one of the best race pics I have – I’m actually smiling!  Also love the expression on the woman behind me, lol.  I love free race pics :)

reston 10

What’s the best race perk you’ve gotten?


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