RnR USA Expo + Friday Finds

TGIF as always, friends! I felt pretty awful and drained this whole week, and ended up spending nearly every evening holed up in the bedroom watching TV, but I woke up this morning and my energy was back! So weird…maybe my body was adjusting to daylight saving time?? Whatever it was, it came back just in time for some fun activities last night!

After work yesterday, I headed over to the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA expo at Stadium Armory.

001 004 006Thankfully no line for packet pick-up, but there were a ton of stations so it probably goes pretty fast even when there are a lot of people there.
I was left with plenty of time to explore the booths! I was impressed by the size of the expo and all the free samples :) I stopped by the Powerbar booth to see if they had the Performance Energy Blends that I liked so much (basically applesauce in a pouch), and found they had a bunch of samples laid out.  The gummies are pretty tasty, if a little hard to chew.008 009They were running sales on all their stuff, so I picked up some Performance Energy Blend packets.  Next stop was the Nuun booth!010After sampling nearly every flavor, I got a tube of Orange tablets, also on sale! I also scored a lot of free samples and stuff all around the expo, and came home with a decent haul.013Larabars, Cascadian Farm granola, Gu, multi-grain tortilla chips, Swedish Fish (I don’t eat these, why did I pick these up?), and some unpictured allergy lozenges and packets of Biofreeze.  Not too shabby!

After the expo, I hopped on the metro to McPherson Square to take a long-delayed barre date with Christina at B. Fit.  Apparently I retained nothing from my first barre class, which is no surprise since that was nearly a year ago.  I had to stop and rest during nearly every set of exercises, and by the end of class, I was thinking for the hundredth time, I should probably really do more core work

BTW, if you’re interested in trying barre but don’t have a studio near you or want to shell out $20+, there’s this great 39 minute barre video online – and it’s free! Let me know if you give it a shot.

I have my 2 month post-PRK check-up today – I’m excited to see how much my vision has improved! I think I’m definitely better than 20/20 now.  Alexa is in DC this weekend so I’m sure we’ll be doing all sorts of fun stuff/ eating this weekend! But I’ll be going to bed early tonight because I have 5 AM alarm set for Saturday :( The only thing I don’t like about racing.

Friday Finds: Random Edition

In case you’ve missed my previous Friday Finds, it’s a bunch of stuff I’ve found lately that I loved and want to share with you all! So here we go:

Blistex Silk & Shine Lip Balm with SPF 15: This is my favorite lip balm ever – I’m on my second tube of this stuff and I never finish lip balms.  It’s saved my lips from cracking and bleeding this winter!Blistex-Silk-and-Shine-Lip-Protectant-and-Sunscreen-SPF-15-041388850078


Contigo Insulated Tumbler – My trusty Oxo travel mug chipped after 6 years of near daily use, and my co-worker recommended this mug to me.  It doesn’t leak (as long as you follow the directions for screwing on the lid, found that out the hard way the first time lol), it’s easily washable, and it keeps my coffee/ tea hot for ~ 4 hours (not sure of the exact time b/c it’s all gone by 11)! 008
I’m also a huge fan of the Contigo water bottles – you can drink/ chug a lot of water at once! I have one for the gym and at work.

Charity Navigator – I heard on the radio the other day that nearly all the money donated to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Foundation was spent on lawyers, advertising, etc.  I think this happens quite a lot with charities, so I was happy when I discovered Charity Navigator, which provides ratings for each charity and lets you know how they score for financials and accountability.  You can see where they get their funding and how they’re spending their donations. I feel happy with my Lent decision to donate to the Carpenter’s Shelter knowing that it has a score of 3 stars (top is 4), and 83 cents of every dollar donated goes towards programs (vs. admin or marketing).

Guess this was a short one! What’s something new you’ve discovered lately?

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4 thoughts on “RnR USA Expo + Friday Finds

  1. Judy

    I found your blog while searching for Cherry Blossom 10 miler info (I’m running it, too). :) Started clicking around on different posts and imagine my surprise when I found a picture of me and friends at the expo (3 random girls standing around at the packet pick up area). I am totally cracking up at the random find!!! Anyway, love reading about all your races! :)

    1. Dawn H.

      Oh my goodness, no way! What are the chances… good luck with Cherry Blossom! I’m hoping the weather improves by then :)

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