Snow Day + Plantar Fasciitis (For Realz, This Time)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day friends! I’m blogging from home thanks to a snow day today! Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 6.27.29 AM006As much as I’ll hate working late for the rest of the month to make up for today, I’m actually very grateful not to have to go in today.  The reason is…I can’t really walk right now.  I injured my right plantar fascia pretty badly during Saturday’s race and two days later I still can’t put any pressure on that foot.  Storytime, yes?

How I Injured My Plantar Fascia for Real

It all started a few weeks ago, when I decided to try orthotics in my running shoes to take care of some minor plantar tightness in my RIGHT foot.  I picked up a pair of Superfeet Blue at Pacers and began to run in them. superfeet collage

All went well during the first week, but in the second week, I noticed that my RIGHT ankle was starting to hurt quite a bit, which I attributed to the fact that the orthotics were turning my feet out a little too much, causing me to underpronate and adding pressure to my ankle.  No problem, Superfeet comes in many different profiles, and Pacers let me switch my Blue Superfeet for the lower profile Carbon last Thursday!

001 002

I trimmed the new orthotics down to size and stuck them in my shoes for Saturday’s race without a second thought; after all, I had been running in Superfeet for two weeks and now I was just going to run in a slightly different pair.  My feet felt fine in the shoes as I walked around before the race on Saturday morning, and while I thought about dropping out because my right ankle pain hadn’t gone away yet, I got caught up in the race excitement and ended up running the race anyway.

The race went just fine, and while my ankle hurt after I stopped running, I thought it was nothing a few days of rest wouldn’t cure, and I didn’t regret my decision to run the race at all.  When I got home, I noticed that the bottom of my LEFT foot wast hurting, but didn’t think anything of it – I had just run 13.1 hard miles, after all.  I showered and ran my Saturday errands, but my foot started to hurt more and more and I couldn’t ignore the pain anymore.  I finally peeled off my socks at the end of the day, and was SHOCKED to see that my plantar fascia was so badly swollen that it formed a bump on the bottom of my foot where my arch should be.  Can you see the ridge in the middle of my foot?


It’s always a scary moment for me when I look at a body part and think, “uh oh, I’ve never seen THAT before”, and this was one of those moments.  The bump was really swollen and painful.  I’m a little afraid that I’ve torn something, to be honest.

The plan for the rest of the weekend was to cancel all physical activities (no running, no Body Pump, no yoga), and ice, aspirin, compex, and LOTS of rest.  I’m also going to make an appointment for the orthopedist ASAP to see if I’ve torn something and find out how long I should be off from running :(

plantar fasciitis treatment

The lesson learned here is to break in orthotics slowly, and definitely don’t run in a brand-new pair on race day.  This should have been glaringly obvious to me, but idiot that I am, I figured that the carbon Superfeet were similar enough to the blue that I should be fine, never mind that I hadn’t broken them in at all.  I’m wondering at this point whether I should be using orthotics at all, and when I start running again, I’ll be adding the carbon in slowly, and backing them out at the first sign of trouble.  Orthotics are not for everyone, and my running style/ foot structure might not be well suited for wearing orthotics.

I’m obviously bummed about being injured (again) and not being able to run/ train, but it’s also really nice to rest my body a bit! I had at least 2 hours of training (Body Pump and easy 8 mile run) planned for yesterday, and cancelling it all freed up time to hang out with Mike, Alexa and Andrew and watch Korean dramas without feeling guilty :) I suspect there will be more of the same today! I enjoyed some delicious apple pie oatmeal and fresh coffee from my Clever Coffee Dripper while lounging on the couch this morning.

Love this little contraption – makes tasty coffee and is super easy to clean up!010

I’ll post a race recap tomorrow – I had a solid performance despite my foot/ ankle issues, lol.  And hopefully I’ll see the orthopedist this afternoon so I can post an update on my plantar injury too.

Have you ever thought about giving up running? This weekend, I seriously toyed with the idea of taking up a less punishing sport…like boxing, maybe.  Or bull fighting.


6 thoughts on “Snow Day + Plantar Fasciitis (For Realz, This Time)

    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks Chelsea! I went to the doc today and found out it isn’t PF – I just really hammered my foot during the race. He thinks I’ll be okay to run next week :) We got about six inches of snow, I think…and apparently we might get a little more next week :( This has felt like a never-ending winter!

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    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks Hillary – I’m very happy it isn’t PF either. I’ve been running fine and continuing to roll my feet on a spiky ball after runs to massage the tendons and muscles.

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