Marathon Week 11 Workouts + “PF” Injury Update

After the higher mileage of Week 10, it was really nice having a step-down week that allowed me to get lots of rest before my race on Saturday.  My legs felt slow the whole week, so I lowered the intensity of all my weekday runs to rest my legs for the race.   This definitely paid off because I was able to go sub-2 in the half again!
pittsburgh wk10Monday: Rest day
I had a 5 mile run planned for today, but I pushed it off till later in the week because I was still recovering from my 17 mile run the day before.

Tuesday: 5 miles recovery pace on treadmill (10:40 pace)

Wednesday: 5 miles intervals on treadmill
I had intended to do 6-7 repeats of 800 meters, but I ended up doing a mix of 800 meters and 400 meters because I couldn’t sustain 800 meters for more than 2 repeats with my tired legs.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a really good interval workout (between my knee injury and higher mileage weeks), so I’ll be focusing on these after my marathon training is over.

Thursday: 5 miles easy pace on treadmill (10:33 pace) in AM, barre class in the evening with Christina
I have a real love/hate relationship with barre – I can tell that it’s very good for me because it works on all the things I don’t (posture, core, hip/ hamstring/glute strength), but the class feels like torture because I can’t finish a full set of any of the moves. In fact, it reminds me a lot of my knee therapy sessions…which is why I should probably do it more often.

Rest day for race

Saturday: RnR USA Half (8:57 pace)

Sunday: Rest
I had a Body Pump class and shakeout run planned for Sunday, but all plans got cancelled because I injured my foot while running the race.

“PF” Injury Update

Thank you guys for all the advice and comments on my PF injury post on Monday! But apparently I got the diagnosis wrong (and now the title of my previous post is wildly inaccurate). I visited Dr. Sumida (my orthopedist) yesterday where I discovered that I didn’t have PF because the pain is in my mid-foot, not near the heel.  The fact that my plantar fascia is swollen is not related to a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis – weird, no?

Apparently, there’s nothing wrong with my foot that some rest and ice won’t solve. Dr. Sumida thinks that I just hammered my foot with the new orthotics during the race and that the swelling and pain should be gone by the end of the week!  A stress fracture of the metatarsals is also a possibility, but he doesn’t think it’s likely since the swelling has already decreased a lot from Saturday.  I felt a little silly for going to the doc and finding out that nothing was really broken/ injured, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, and I’ve definitely waited too long to go to the doctor with other issues in the past.

I’m going to continue icing and taking ibuprofen, and I’ve revised my training plan for this week to replace most of the runs with cross-training (with my doctor’s permission):

Monday – 5 miles => rest day!

Tuesday – 5 miles => 60 min spin class

– 5 miles => 50 min elliptical

Thursday – yoga => yoga and 60 min cycle

Fridayrest day

Saturday – 18 miles => 2 spin classes

8 miles and Body Pump => try running, stop at the first sign of pain

I don’t know if it’s all in my head, but my foot already FEELS better knowing that nothing is seriously wrong.  I’m excited to start training again – 2 days of rest and I’m already itching to get sweaty. I’d normally be sad that I couldn’t run, but this time I’m just so grateful I didn’t injure my foot more seriously and I can pick up training for Pittsburgh next week!

Do you put off going to the doctor, or go right away?


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