Pittsburgh Marathon: Week 12 Workout Log (mostly xtraining)

Week 12 was supposed to be a BIG training week incorporating an 18 mile long run on Saturday, but thanks to my injury from the half marathon last week, it ended up being a week of mostly cross-training and rest.  No complaints here!  As much as I love sticking to THE PLAN, I don’t think missing one long run will affect my level of preparation for the marathon much (hopefully).

Monday: rest

Tuesday: spin class
This was my first spin class in 2014! It was an awesome workout, but my butt was sore from the seat for days afterwards =\ That’s what happens after 3 months away from the bike.

Wednesday: 60 min stairmaster
I think the stairmaster might be the toughest cardio workout ever.  I just kept repeating intervals of 3-4 min at “high speed” and 1 min on “low” for an hour and was nearly dragging myself up using the handlebars at the end!

Thursday: hot yoga
Great flow class with Debbie.  Mind Your Body Oasis has been upgrading its studio lately and it seems like something is different every week.  This week, the entire hot yoga studio had a new plushy foam floor, so I got brave and went for a headstand for my inversion.  I was stoked to find out I could still do it – haven’t done that since my high school days!

Friday: rest

Saturday: 30 min Body Combat class, 45 min elliptical
Despite the fact that I had to leave the Body Combat class halfway through (my knee was bothering me with all the kicks and lunges), my back and arms got an insane workout! My back is always sore after any kind of class involving punching – is that just me?

Sunday: 8 mile pace run outside (9:03 pace)
Awesome run (despite the wind and rain) on Sunday! I didn’t intend to maintain any kind of pace, but my legs were feeling fast after a week off from running, so I got in a race-pace run :) I’ll take it!

I really only have 2 “hard” weeks left; I’ll be dropping down my planned 20 miles to 18 miles this week (Week 13), next week (Week 14) is a step-back week with the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, and then the following week (Week 15) gets me to a 20 mile long run.  After that, I enter my taper period before the race.  I can’t believe how little time I have left, but I’m going to make the most of it by really focusing on my long runs and mid-week hill runs to prepare me for Pittsburgh!

Taking It Slow

I’ve posted about speedwork on the blog before, but it’s just as important to take your easy runs slow, as highlighted in this article from Runner’s World:

069 070

I only do speedwork once or twice a week and do all my other runs at a really easy pace (that can be 9:30 if my legs aren’t that tired or closer to 11:00 if they feel like lead).  Not pushing the pace every day helps me not to over-tax my body while piling on the miles during marathon training and frankly, keeps running enjoyable!

Kitty is the master of taking it slow, so I learn from the best :)
I’m back to running this week, but I get the feeling I’ll be hitting the treadmill tonight…


3 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Marathon: Week 12 Workout Log (mostly xtraining)

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  2. good to hear, because i run all my runs at a comfortable pace, lol! since this is my transition year back into running, i have no time goals at this point. thanks for sharing the article.

    1. Dawn H.

      You’re welcome! I think it’s smart to avoid speedwork in the beginning to avoid injury and learn to love running again :)

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