Sneaker Therapy is Having a Fire Sale?!

I posted a few weeks ago about what I was doing for Lent and was really encouraged by all of your positive responses! An update for the month: I’ve stuck pretty well to buying mostly essentials (one exception being the cat welcome mat, lol) and will be donating the rest of my budget to the Carpenter’s Shelter at the end of the month!

The “volunteer more” has been the more challenging part of my resolution, frankly.  I signed up for two volunteer activities this month, but ended up cancelling each time because I felt so tired and unable to contribute anything.

But I decided last week to try volunteering for something on a Monday night, figuring I’d have more energy in the beginning of the week.  And it worked!! I had an AWESOME time at the Carpenter’s Shelter on Monday night taking care of the kids for an hour, which gave the parents a break or a chance to take job-training classes.  I actually got a ton of energy by hanging out with them and the other volunteers from my church, and I already can’t wait to go back next week :)

Running Stuff Fire Sale!

I’m selling a bunch of running stuff on the blog this week – it’s all awesome gear that I’ve bought over the last year or two but haven’t gotten much use out of. Obviously, everything I’m selling is clean :) I think of this as a win-win-win – it’s a chance for you to score a sweet deal, me to clean out my closet, and ALL proceeds go to the Carpenter’s Shelter (I’m donating the shipping and handling as well)!

Up for grabs:

Pro Compression Trainer Low Socks – purple, size XS (fits men and women size 4-7), 2 pairs

Bought a year ago for $25, worn only a handful of times.  Great technical socks for running and other activities.  Selling both for $10.

001 CW-X Women’s Stabilyx Ventilator Shorts – black, size XS

Bought a year ago for $46, worn less than 5 times.  Great for hip/ quad support while running! Selling for $30.
002Nathan’s Domelight LED Beanie – size small/ medium

Bought a year and a half ago for $24, worn a handful of times.  Great for running in the dark or colder weather – the hat has LEDs on the front and back with various blinking settings.  Has a ponytail opening.  Selling for $15.003011North Face Talia Tote

Bought a year ago for $70, used it a couple of times for yoga. It has straps on the side for your mat, but it’s also great for other uses! The bag includes a cushioned compartment, which is perfect for a laptop or tablet.  Selling for $50.

004 005 006Garmin Forerunner Footpod

The footpod links up to Garmin Forerunner watches (and other devices that can connect to an ANT+ device) to track your running speed without GPS.  You attach it to your shoelaces.  Bought for $50 a year ago, selling for $35.
007 008I’m flexible on price for everything, so if something seems too high, let me know what you’re willing to pay (just remember that the money is going to a good cause!). $5 flat rate shipping within US – if you buy more than one item, you still only pay $5. If you want me to ship it to somewhere outside the US, let me know your city and I’ll let you know what the adjusted shipping would be.  Email me with questions and purchase requests at sneakertherapyblog {AT} gmail {DOT} com.


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