Compex Coupon + Made and Loved #3 (Recipe Round-up)

Happy Thursday guys! It’s almost the weekend.  I was pretty tired yesterday so I debated skipping my 8 mile run, but Mike convinced me to go to the gym anyway and just do a mile or two.  Which turned into 6.  I would have done the full 8, but I was experimenting with wearing the Superfeet again, and didn’t want to destroy my feet (again), so I figured 6 was good for a trial run.  Feet felt okay afterwards, but I’m definitely going to slowly incorporate the Superfeet this time! They’re just not as soft as the normal insoles.

Before I forget, Andrew forwarded me a 25% off code for Compex, good through this Friday (March 28)! I already bought mine so it’s too late for me, but if you want to get one, use code CPX145 for 25% off your purchase.  The cheapest one runs about $400, so this will save you at least $100.

Made and Loved

This is a feature I run on the blog every once in a while; it’s a round-up of recipes that we’ve made and really liked! Mike and I make breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week on Sunday so I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping links to tasty-looking recipes I come across in a Google Doc and highlighting a few to try each week. I save the ones we both liked in Springpad, which serves as my virtual recipe keeper. Here are a few of the recipes that have been hits in our house!
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Jumbo Banana Carrot Muffins (Taste of Home)
I was looking for a way to use up a ginormous bag of baby carrots we had sitting around, and thought a muffin/ quick bread would be perfect. I picked this recipe because it looked relatively healthy – no oil and less than a cup of sugar. The muffins turned out great! They were super moist from the bananas, carrots and applesauce and not overly sweet.
003 (2)
Broccoli, Potato & Cheese Egg Cups (Cupcakes and Kale Chips)
This recipe takes me back to my Whole30 last year because I ate a lot of egg-type breakfasts like this (besides the cheese). I used fresh broccoli (chopped and sautéed) and fresh potatoes (grated in the food processor and sautéed), and added goat gouda on top. The cheese took these egg cups to the next level! I’ll be making these again as a savory weekday breakfast option.
015 016
Apple Pie Oatmeal
We had an old bag of apples in the fridge that were starting to go south, so I took some inspiration from Angela’s Apple Pie Oatmeal recipe and created my own! I’ll post my version of this recipe later this week.
034 036


Quinoa with Pancetta and Roasted Vegetables (loosely inspired by this recipe)
I had some leftover pancetta from some other recipe and was craving a warm quinoa dish for lunch, so I went searching for a dish to combine the two! I ended up making the quinoa/ pancetta part as described in the recipe, but added roasted veggies (broccoli, sweet potato and brussel sprouts) on top. So tasty and easy – I ended up making this for weekday lunches two weeks in a row! Image source: Washington Post


Hamburger and Macaroni (Simply Recipes)
I made this a few weeks ago as an easy weeknight pasta and it was delicious! I added in some mushrooms to get in some additional veggies and stirred in some shredded mozzarella cheese I found in the fridge.
We make quiches pretty regularly at our house – they don’t take much time to make and we make two at once so we can freeze one for later. It’s usually Mike that makes them, but he’s been working late hours so I made a few this week! Quiches are really simple; cook/ sauté your meat and veggies (I did chicken, leeks and mushrooms – we’ve also made them without meat) and place meat/veggie mixture in a pie crust (we buy ours frozen). Top with cheese of choice. Whip up some eggs seasoned with salt and pepper, and pour into the crust until the eggs cover the veggies/ meat/ cheese. Bake in the oven at 375 for about 30 minutes or until the egg is all cooked and the top is a little golden!


Black Bean Brownies (SkinnyTaste)
I love this healthy twist on brownies! I’ve been rationing myself to just one (or two) squares each night after dinner :)003Lemon Larabars (Spark Recipes)
I call mine Laraballs because I roll them into balls and store them in cupcake liners, but I haven’t changed a thing about the recipe! I love the addition of lemon zest for additional lemony flavor. If you try making these, I highly suggest you get unsalted nuts…I tried using salted nuts because that’s what I had and the sweetness of the dates got a little overwhelmed =\013

You can find past round-ups here:
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Do you follow recipes or do your own thing in the kitchen? I do a little of both! My creativity is usually sparked by the desire to use something up.
What have you been cooking lately?


2 thoughts on “Compex Coupon + Made and Loved #3 (Recipe Round-up)

    1. Dawn H.

      It’s so easy! Basic ingredients are just dates and some kind of nut. You add flavors through extracts, spices and dried fruit. Check out this post from Chocolate Covered Katie – she has a ton of Larabar recipes!

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