Pics from the Weekend

Hey guys,

Hope you had a great weekend! I had an awesome 20 mile long run on Saturday with CAR despite the muddy/ wet conditions on the Capital Crescent Trail :) No complaints here, I was just excited to be outside in a t-shirt and capris!! I came back as dirty as a dog though – I had to actually wash my sneakers for the first time. I just rinsed with water in the sink and scrubbed the outside with a sponge, which got rid of most of the dirt, then stuffed them with paper afterwards to help them dry faster (they were dry the next day).  Good as new!007I also found the perfect place to air out my hydration pack’s reservoir – on the arm of the paper towel holder. Worked like a charm!
006Mike and I both laughed when we saw #29 on this list of Hilarious Cat Owner Struggles that I found through Peanut Butter Fingerscat-owner-11 001All. The. Time.004In Lucy logic, she probably feels that she’s being generous in sharing, considering she was on the chair first…

I spent the rest of Saturday doing recovery (ice bath, compex, rolling and stretching), but didn’t eat anything too crazy – Peruvian chicken for lunch and leftovers for dinner.
peruvian chickenOn Sunday, I managed 5 slow recovery miles on the treadmill and some weights.  As I was leaving the gym, I saw these Power Crunch bars near the front desk and decided to grab a few, because I tried them at the RnR expo a few weeks ago and really loved the crunch and flavor! They’re basically tasty creme-filled wafers :) I ended up buying a box because the boxes were on sale for 30% off and the associate raved about how much she loved them too!008I ate one in the car on the way to church, to uh, re-fuel after my extensive (10 minute) weight lifting session ;)010After church, Mike treated me to some Korean food at one of my favorite restaurants – Choong Hwa Won in Annandale! We both got combos of black bean noodles and sweet and sour pork, and some dumplings to share.013 015We were adventurous and tried the dumplings in a sweet and sour sauce, but decided we would probably just get the regular dumplings next time – the sauce was pretty overwhelming and the dumplings didn’t really need it.  The combo bowl was AMAZING and both portion sizes were generous!

After lunch, I came home to prep food for the week.  On the menu: carrot oatmeal for breakfast, and potato+chickpeas cooked in tikki masala sauce, served over quinoa for lunch.  Dinner will be leftovers from last week and I’ll make some Greek orzo later in the week.018 019 022While I was cooking, I heard Mike say, “is that snow??”, so I ran to the window. Sure enough, it was.020None of it stuck, and it turned back to rain a little later.  But the weather here has been really variable, to say the least!

I’ll be back tomorrow with an update on marathon training from last week – it was one of my best weeks this cycle, and I’m pleased to say my legs (and knees and ankles and feet) have been holding up well, praise God.

Do you ever eat protein bars? What’s your favorite kind?

What’s your pet’s most annoying habit? 
Kitty sleeps right where my feet should go on the bed, so I have to sleep diagonally or split my legs on either side of her.  Lucy wakes us up at 6 AM on the weekends because that’s when she gets breakfast on the weekdays.


6 thoughts on “Pics from the Weekend

  1. DistrictSweats

    Ha, I’ve been there with the shoes! Most weekends, in fact. My gym is probably so glad I invested in a pair of inside-only trainers. : )

    1. Dawn H.

      Do you ever stick your shoes in the washing machine? I was going to go that route, but then I read that could cause them to shrink…

    2. DistrictSweats

      I did wash my running shoes once and didn’t notice any problem. But then a running store person told me that washing a shoe takes something like 100 miles off its life by destroying cushioning. He may have been exaggerating, but I’ve played it safe by just wiping them down like you did.

    3. Dawn H.

      Holy moley, good to know! That does sound a little overblown, but I’m glad I didn’t stick my sneakers in the washer. Thanks for the info!

  2. my siberian husky has this annoying habit of scratching/digging to get comfortable, and she’ll do it all night. it’s way beyond “nesting”. her dog house used to have a wooden floor, and she’d constantly dig and scratch it. so we removed it and put a carpet square. she’ll scratch that. newspaper, too. she’ll come up to me huffing and puffing from all that scratching. so weird.

    1. Dawn H.

      That is weird! Our cats have obsessive behavior too, especially Lucy. She’ll start cleaning herself while sitting on the microfiber couch, and then start grooming the couch too, like it’s part of her. Sigh.

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