Pittsburgh: Marathon Training Week 13

I had an awesome time at Carpenter’s Shelter again last night. I held one of the babies nearly the entire time we were watching the kids, and about half an hour in, she fell asleep on my shoulder and started to snore. I can’t even describe the cuteness. This is fast becoming the highlight of my week!

Marathon Training: Week 13 Training Log

In short, this was my best week of training during this cycle yet! I wasn’t sure how quickly to ramp up after a week of nearly no running and my minor foot injury, so I just took it one day at a time and listened to my body. I’m so glad I did – I took things really slowly over the first part of the week, which gave my body a chance to recover and allowed me to rack up the miles over the weekend. In fact, I actually ended up running MORE than planned!
pittsburgh wk13
Monday: rest day
I felt pretty tired after an unexpected pace run on Sunday, so I pushed my planned run to Tuesday and spent the evening on the couch instead.
Tuesday: 5 miles easy on the treadmill (10:11 pace)
My comment on DailyMile for this run was “felt meh”. Pretty much describes it – my legs felt like lead despite the easy pace!
Wednesday: 6 miles hills on the treadmill (10:09 pace)
My knee felt a little uncomfortable and unstable again during this run, which I attributed to too much time on the treadmill, so I resolved that my next run would be outside. I ended up cutting my planned 8 mile run short, so I added some mileage to my last weekday run.
Thursday: rest
Although the weather was PERFECT after work on Thursday, I collapsed on the couch and decided to get my run done on Friday morning instead. Sensing a pattern?
Friday: 8 mile easy run outside (10:26 pace)
This was an awesome morning run, which I haven’t done in a while! My legs felt great and I loved being outside, even with the light drizzle. I deliberately held back my pace to keep my legs fresh for Saturday’s long run.
Saturday: 20 miles with CAR! (10:17 pace)
I had planned to run 18 miles on Saturday, but when Sandra (my pace buddy) and her husband said they planned to do the 20 mile loop, I decided to run with them, figuring I could always walk the last 2. We started off really slowly and incorporated a short walk/fueling break every 7 miles. I was grateful for the slow pace because the Capital Crescent trail was pretty muddy due to the rain. 14 mile average pace: 10:47.
My goal was to work up to race pace (9:15) towards the end of the run, so after 14 miles, I said goodbye to Sandra and took off. I was pretty nervous about my ability to even get to race pace at this point, so I was shocked to see my pace drop over the next couple of miles: 9:48, 9:27, 9:02. At mile 17, I asked my legs (not out loud, because that would be crazy…) whether they wanted to run the full 20, and they said they were game. Final paces: 9:00, 9:09, 8:44!!
Sunday: 5 miles recovery on the treadmill (10:35 pace)
My legs were pretty stiff starting out, but they warmed up after a mile or two and I had no trouble getting in 5 miles on the treadmill. I followed the run with a quick 20 min strength workout of squats, lunges, arm and core exercises in lieu of Body Pump (which has been over-crowded lately).

My 20 miler on Saturday was a HUGE confidence builder – I’ve never sped up at the end of a long run before and I was surprised at how easily my body was able to keep up with the faster paces! This was also the first time that I felt that I might actually be capable of running at my goal pace, lol. It was a great high-mileage week with no injuries :)

My goal this week is to get 4 days of running in by Friday so that I can rest my legs on Saturday prior to Cherry Blossom on Sunday! I’m really excited – I loved this race last year and it looks like we’ll have perfect weather for the race this weekend (knock on wood, yes?). AND Alexa is coming down to run it with me!

What’s something you’re looking forward to this month?


2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh: Marathon Training Week 13

  1. It sounds like your training is going brilliantly – well done! If you can manage to pick up the pace that much at the end of a long run then you’ll storm your next race :-D

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