Unfiltered Thursday + The March List

Hey guys, hope you’re having a great week and start to the new month! Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

We’ve booked our flights and started booking hotels/ activities for Iceland! We were debating whether to go in September or October, but after discovering that all the non-stop flights were sold out over the period we wanted to go in September, October was the easy choice. While we won’t be able to go inland on this trip (roads start to close or become inaccessible b/c of weather), it gets a lot darker in October so we might get to see the Northern Lights.

I loved this April Fool’s Pranks List for 2014 from Time Magazine and was silently laughing for a good 15 minutes at work :) My favorite was Cats You May Know – LinkedIn for cats.  I also totally saw Google’s Shelfie prank on my Gmail on April 1 and closed the pop-up without realizing it was a prank!

linked in cats

I’m LOVING the warmer weather and enjoying the mild temperatures before it turns 100+ degrees up in here, lol. At Mike’s request, I made Greek orzo for dinner this week – I love the light flavors in this spring/ summery dish!


– Did anyone else get money from the Amazon eBooks Antitrust settlement? I was recently notified that I was awarded $10.47 from the settlement, good towards Kindle or print books on Amazon! I’m thinking I’ll pick up Ruins (book 3 of the Partials Series) by Dan Wells, which was just released this month! I read the first 2 books over a year ago and have been waiting impatiently for the last book to be published :) If you like dystopian sci-fi novels, I highly recommend this series.

– I tried making a batch of peanut butter energy bites last week but couldn’t get them to stick together in ball form. So I’ve been eating it like granola with plain yogurt and coconut flakes. Failure never tasted so good.


The March List

I had so much to be grateful for last month, both on the running and non-running fronts.  So in no particular order, I’m grateful for:

1. A great month of running and a new 10 miler PR!  Running continues to teach me how to persevere when the going gets tough, a lesson that applies to the rest of my life.  The Reston 10 taught me not to give up, which made crossing the finish line so much sweeter.

reston 10

2. Mike’s dad visiting and a really relaxing day at Copper Fox Distillery.  After the busy-ness of February, I learned to dial it back and relax more on the weekends! Everyone needs time to re-charge, right?

034 012

3. Exercise dates with friends! I loved going back to the barre with Christina, and hot yoga on Thursdays have become a fairly regular “date night” for me and Mike.  I love combining hangouts with fun exercise classes :)

4. Finding a great physical therapist and recovering from my knee injury.  I am so, so grateful to be able to run again.  Every time I run without pain, I lift up a silent prayer of thanks to God for healing my knee and allowing me to do what makes me feel so alive.  I don’t take pain-free runs for granted anymore.004

5. Lastly, I’m thankful for Brother T. I don’t share what goes on with my siblings/ family that frequently on this blog out of respect for their privacy, but in a nutshell, T started college in the fall of last year and struggled with motivation and direction.  Our dad’s illness and passing was especially tough on him because he had to help take care of him at home.  So he decided to take a break and joined a missions program in January of this year.  I’ve been completely blown away by how much he’s changed and grown over the last couple of months, and I’m so grateful that he’s discovering the love of God in a myriad of ways and seeing himself in a new light!

What are you grateful for lately? It can be serious or frivolous – no judging here :)

Did you come across any awesome April Fool’s jokes/ pranks?


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