Pics from the Weekend

Friday night began in the best way possible – Strawberry Ale and American Hustle from Redbox (we loved the movie).
I slept in and lounged around the house on Saturday before heading over to the gym for a run and some weights, but ended up nixing the run because my knee felt a little achy. I’m starting to enjoy lifting weights again, and I’m trying to incorporate a quick strength session twice a week.
After a little lunch, Alexa and I headed to the National Building Museum in DC for Cherry Blossom packet pick-up!
009There was a line, but it went quickly (it helps to have your bib number). We went to pick up our t-shirts – standard cotton in teal for me, the upgraded tech tee in pink for Alexa.010011We wandered around the small expo – Alexa grabbed a few Gus for the next day, and I wanted to see the RooSport booth, which is a pocket that attaches magnetically to your pants. After watching the demonstration, we were both sold and we each bought a large RooSport. I haven’t really used it so I’ll post a review later once I get a chance to test it out.012We went back to Virginia and chatted while walking around the Pentagon City mall, then headed back to the condo to get ready for dinner at Le Diplomate in DC, a French restaurant that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately. I made reservations about a month in advance because I heard it was hard to make a reservation here, and sure enough, the only seating available for 4 people was 5 PM.  A tad on the early side, but it worked for us since we needed to get to bed early for our early wake-up call on Sunday anyway.
My first impression of the restaurant was that it looked kind of like a castle!
013 014I was immediately drooling at the sight of the freshly baked bread.015The inside of the restaurant is divided into two spaces, and our section felt like an outdoor bistro/ greenhouse, with lots of natural light and hanging plants.016Everything we ordered was delicious! For appetizers, we tried the escargot and French onion soup, and for mains, Mike got the beef bourguignon, Alexa got the duck, and Andrew and I both got the skirt steak. I think the table favorites were the duck and the fries that came with the steaks!017 018 019 023 022 024 020The service was fantastic and attentive – all the drinks/ bread/ food/ check came out quickly, and our water glasses were never empty. We definitely recommend this place! We followed up dinner with some gelato from Pitango nearby, and headed back home for an early night before our 5 AM wake-up call.

Sunday was the Cherry Blossom race! It was a beautiful morning in DC, and Alexa and I chatted the entire 10 miles, which made it go by really quickly.  Big thanks to Andrew for driving us and coming out to spectate! Full race review coming later this week.

We followed up the race with brunch, of course! We made reservations for Farmers, Fishers and Bakers since Alexa hadn’t been there before.  The service was MUCH better this time around; I don’t think I commented on it before, but our server during our first visit only stopped by twice and all the requests were fulfilled really slowly – we had to ask for cinnamon rolls a number of times, and they finally showed up 45 min into the meal, and coffee took a similar amount of time.  I know they’re very busy on the weekends, but it made the experience a lot less enjoyable for us and I wasn’t sure I wanted to return.

I’m so glad we did though, our server this time around was so attentive and prompt, making for a much more pleasant experience! My thanks to Amy for taking such great care of us :)011 (2)Pictured above is one of my two (or three? can’t remember) plates.  I tried the bruleed grapefruit this time and it was so good! I bought some grapefruit afterwards to make it at home :) The grits, cranberry-orange French toast and honey chicken were also very tasty.

After brunch, we said goodbye to Alexa and went home to get our usual chores done.  Later that evening, I went to my first Bikram class with Shaun! We both got 10 class packages for Bikram Tysons a few weeks ago and decided to try our first class this week.  I was a little nervous going into the class because Bikram is very different from hot vinyasa/ power yoga – it’s an hour and a half long, and you move through the same 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises each class.

I ended up loving the class and found it really relaxing, and Shaun and I decided we’ll be back next Sunday! I’m curious to see whether I’ll enjoy the repetitive nature of the class or eventually find it boring.

Have you tried bikram yoga? Thoughts?


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