Pittsburgh Marathon: Training Week 15

Hey guys,
Sorry for being a little MIA lately! I meant to post this yesterday, but I came down with a cold and have been feeling like crap for the past 24 hours =\ I took some cold medicine today and am feeling a little better…we’ll see how the rest of the day goes. So briefly, this weekend…
Saturday morning I did my 20 miles solo on the Mount Vernon Trail because we had plans to see a movie around noon and I was nervous that I wouldn’t get back in time if I went running with CAR (the coach moved the run out to Maryland this weekend). It didn’t go nearly as well as my awesome 20 miler two weeks ago; it was hot, I was bored running by myself, my legs were tired from weight lifting the day before…but I got it done! Last long run in this training cycle!!
I rewarded myself with some homemade banana pudding afterwards (Fitnessista’s recipe – soo good). 001I proceeded to scarf down whatever leftovers I could find in the fridge, took my ice bath and showered, and then we were off to see the new Captain America movie. It was so great just resting my legs ( Sunday was reserved for chores, chores, chores because we got nothing done on Saturday. But I also managed to squeeze in a trip to DSW because I had a birthday coupon burning a hole in my pocket. 016 I only meant to buy a pair of boots, but the ones I liked were on the clearance rack, and I realized that if I spent just a little more, I could get $20 off my purchase (DSW was running a sale that weekend). And then these cuties caught my eye…015With my birthday coupon, 50% off on the boots, and $20 off the total, I spent a total of $50 and felt like a robber walking out ;)
Sunday was so busy that I was grateful when Shaun texted to let me know she couldn’t make it to Bikram, so I had an out too. I guess I’ll have to wait till next Sunday to use Mike’s gift though – a yoga/ gym bag!011 I’ll post a review later, but this bag is just what I was looking for – roomy and well-designed without being bulky or heavy.
So that was that – we didn’t end up going to Toki this weekend because we had the BBQ and I forgot that Cherry Blossom festival was this weekend, meaning the traffic into DC was insane! I think we’ll make it there either this weekend or next.

Pittsburgh Marathon: Week 15 Training Log

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 4.17.01 PM
Monday: 5 miles easy on the treadmill (10:35 pace)
Followed up the run with a strength training session – my upper body is getting strong again!

Tuesday:8 miles of hills outside (9:44 pace)
This was a pretty simple hill workout outside; I looked for the biggest hill I could find nearby, and ran up and down several times, with jogging breaks on flat ground in between as needed. I have no idea if I’m prepared for the big hill in the Pittsburgh course, but I figure I’m more prepared than I’d be with no hill training.

Wednesday: rest day!

Thursday: 4 X 800 meter interval workout outside
I hadn’t done intervals in a while, but I was craving a little speed so I did some 800s on the 4 Mile Run trail near Shirlington. Strong splits: 3:55, 3:50, 3:45, and 3:40. Given that I haven’t done any 800s in 2-3 months, not bad!

Friday:5 miles easy on the treadmill (10:35 pace)
Followed up the run with another strength training session, which I probably won’t be doing before long runs anymore, lol.

Saturday:20 miles solo outside (10:53 pace)
I’m not proud of my pace for this run, and given how tough it felt, it makes me nervous for the marathon. But not every training run needs to be awesome, and the important thing is that I got it done – no blisters or black toenails as a bonus! I know that the taper is going to work its magic so my body is more rested for the marathon than it was for this run.

Sunday: Shaun couldn’t make Bikram, so I skipped too :) Shoe shopping counts as a recovery activity, right?

And now I’m officially tapering! I am so ready to reduce my mileage (down to 32 miles this week), get my Saturday mornings back, and rest my body over the next three weeks. I’ve also got a bunch of fun cross- training activities to look forward to this week:
barre at Biker Barre with Christina tonight
hot yoga at Mind Your Body Oasis with Mike on Thursday
Bikram at Bikram Tysons with Shaun on Sunday
Can’t wait! I’ll probably nix the strength training this week to compensate for the extra activity since I’m supposed to be dialing back on the exercise.

Marathon taper – love it or hate it?

Favorite place to shop for shoes? Usually Zappos online – it’s hard to find size 6 wide shoes in the store!


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