Easter Weekend!

Hey guys,

Happy Monday! I was a little MIA last week – I got sick, work got busy and I didn’t have much time or energy to blog :( Truthfully, I wasn’t doing much running either, which makes it harder for me to feel inspired to keep up a running blog.  But I got a lot better over the weekend and went for a great run on Sunday, so I’m back :)

I have another test on Wednesday, so this weekend looked mostly like this:017At least I had some company:
022If you have cats, you can probably guess that they fought over the “top bunk” several times.  Saturday ended in the best way; Mike brought home some sushi from The Fresh Market nearby, which was probably the best supermarket sushi we’ve had! So glad to have discovered a great market just down the street.  Enjoyed with fresh REAL wasabi paste, which Andrew ordered from a specialty store online.015 016The house also smelled lovely all weekend, thanks to this lovely bouquet (of…lilies?) that Mike brought home.  It’s probably the last time he’ll ever buy me flowers because I informed him that as much as I love flowers, we don’t own a vase and the flowers will stay in their wrapper on the ottoman until they wilt to the point that we have to throw them out.011They do smell lovely though! I felt like a bum all weekend though; I skipped my run on Friday, and skipped my long run (12 miles) on Saturday because I still wasn’t feeling well/ I was feeling lazy/ I really did need to study/ I’m tapering, does it matter – you know, I can always come up with a hundred excuses to skip my run, and this time the excuses won.

We went to service as usual on Easter Sunday, and it was wonderful to see so many people there! Pastor David preached a great message about the freedom found in Christ.  After church and lunch, I treated us to froyo – now that the weather is starting to warm up, I’m sure we’ll be frequenting Yogiberry again.  026I went home and studied some more, but by the afternoon, I was feeling the itch to do SOMETHING, so I got dressed and headed out the door and ended up doing an easy 12 miles (since when did 12 miles become easy!?).  Felt so good! I got to try out the new Zoot capris my parents-in-law bought me for my bday.

025They are really comfortable and offer slight compression, and I love the big key pocket in the back.  They held up nicely during my long-ish run.  I was happy to burn off some of the calorie overage from the week and weekend.  Being sick is such a double whammy for me because I tend to eat everything in sight all the time and not work out at all – anyone relate?

I don’t know how much I’ll be blogging this week; work is really busy right now, test on Wednesday, and various weeknight events, but I’ll try to pop in to say hi!

Does your family have any Easter traditions? None in my family – we haven’t celebrated Easter together in years! I like the idea of getting the whole family together though…maybe next year…


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