Weekend Fun

I’m back! You may have noticed that I didn’t post much last week – not even a workout log.  I was busy cramming for my test on Wednesday, and then work got really busy.  I didn’t get a chance to post about the Boston marathon, but read all the amazing articles and stories all over the web and it got me so pumped for my own race coming up! Anyway, I got a chance to wind down a little this weekend, so I think I’m charged and ready to go this week :) Hopefully that means a few more blog posts before Pittsburgh!

So I know Thursday’s not technically the weekend, but we had a sushi party at home to celebrate a special event, so here we are:

002 001 004We kept it simple with lots of salmon, some grilled eel, and egg roe, which is SO good mixed with some sushi rice and avocado.  We get our sushi-grade fish from the local Korean supermarket (always look for “sushi-grade” or “sashimi-grade” on the package if eating raw fish on your own).

I knocked out four miles Friday afternoon and went to Mind Your Body Oasis with Mike to finish our 5-class packages before they expired.  We tried a new-to-us class – the Gentle Warm Flow Level 1-2 – and weren’t thrilled.  A lot of the class focused on breathing and repeating the same exercises at different intensities, all with a focus on breath, so it didn’t feel much like a workout or a stretching session.  I think we’ll stick to our usual vinyasa/ power flow classes.  I currently have a Bikram package to finish, and then we’ll probably purchase another package at MYBO; it’s a great studio, and close to us.

I volunteered with my firm on Saturday morning to help a DC homeowner out with some big chores around his house and had a blast! The lion’s share of the work turned out to be painting, so we had fun picking out colors for the rooms in his house and painting away.  I happen to love painting walls, it feels kind of therapeutic :) It was also a great workout, which is a good thing because the evening’s plans included Toki for my belated bday meal!!

Toki has an amazing bartender who designs all the cocktails on the menu, and while he had some interesting new creations, I stuck with the tried-and-true Toki Monster.  Bourbon and some other liquors with a piece of grilled pork belly.  Probably my favorite drink ever.

006 010We did try a new appetizer – soft white steamed buns served with some pickles, japanese mayo and fried chicken.  You open up the buns and stuff it with fried chicken and veggies to make a crunchy, tasty little sandwich.  I could have eaten 10 more plates of this by myself.011But I managed to restrain myself and save room for the ramen.  Toki, I have no words.012Yup, still my favorite restaurant in DC.  We ended the night with some ice cream back home and a The Good Wife marathon.  I’m finally on season 4! This ice cream is amazing and I’m never getting it again because it’s stuffed with chocolate caramels and is dangerously addictive.  Even better topped with some crushed cashews.014Sunday was a catch-up day – usual chores and cooking.  I was so proud of myself for finding a fast way to slice cheese!028Yup, took about 10 seconds flat using the slicing blade of the food processor.  Such a time-saver!

We also brought out our spring/summer clothes and packed the winter stuff away.  We held off for a while because of the unpredictable weather the last few weeks, but spring is finally here to stay.  I love seeing all the bright, light clothes in my drawer again!030 031So long, winter!

What’s your cue for realizing that spring is here?

Any advice for dealing with seasonal allergies while running? I think it’s going to be a tough spring for me…my eyes were pretty itchy this weekend =\



3 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. sounds like my week/weekend in that i ate a lot and didn’t run. it was my son’s bday – so lots of cake, we went to a fair – so lots of greasy carnival food, and when the rain cancelled our workouts, we ate instead! feeling so blech now…can’t wait for tonight’s treadmill run. fresh salmon sashimi is my favorite.

    1. Dawn H.

      sounds like a fun weekend! It’s been years since I’ve been to a carnival…mm why are carnival treats always so tempting? I know the feeling of craving a run after a weekend of indulgence :)

    2. Dawn H.

      sounds like a fun weekend! It’s been years since I’ve been to a carnival…mm why are carnival treats always so tempting? I know the feeling of craving a run after a weekend of indulgence :)

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