I Finished.


Hey guys,

I did it!! I ran my second marathon on Sunday :) Full recap coming later, but I didn’t want to leave you wondering whether I survived.

10173700_10100270342887488_8835060745046639594_n 003Final time was 4:30:10, a 10 minute PR.  I was hoping for closer to 4 hours but there were…extenuating circumstances.  In short, I. earned. that. medal.  Details will be in my recap, hopefully up tomorrow! Right now, my body is craving sleep and rest and my brain is barely functioning, so good night from DC.


8 thoughts on “I Finished.

  1. Alexa

    Go Dawn!!! So proud of you for pushing so hard and getting a PR! And for waiting in the start corral with me. I think I’m getting a bit too used to doing races with you :) Congratulations on being a multi-marathon runner!!!

    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks Alexa! It made me feel less nervous to be starting with a friend :) Haha, I like the title – multi-marathon runner :D Although I’ve only done 2 – aren’t I just a two-time marathoner so far?

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