Last Workout Log + Post-Marathon Recovery

Happy Thursday! I am recovering nicely from my marathon; my muscle soreness has decreased a lot thanks to lots of rest and foam rolling each day, and my knee is feeling much better. I’ve been doing my PT exercises every night again, and the pain is down 90% from Sunday. I can walk on it just fine, but stairs (down and up) are both a little painful. I’m hoping it’ll be recovered enough by Saturday for a short jog, but we’ll see!

Final Workout Log (Week 18)

For the sake of consistency, here’s my last workout log from this marathon training cycle!
pittsburgh wk18
Mon: Easy 3 miles on the treadmill (10:04 pace)

Tue: Easy 4 miles on the treadmill (10:41 pace)

Wed: Rest

Thr: Rest

Fri: Rest

Sat: VERY easy 2 miles on the treadmill (11:00 pace)

Sun: MARATHON – 26.2 miles (10:18 pace)

Marathon Recovery

Immediately after the race, I took in carbs and protein (same as after a long run). Carbs will refuel the glycogen stores that are pretty much empty after the race, and the protein will work to start repairing damaged and stressed muscles. I ate pretzels, bananas, and a hamburger on the drive back to DC, and pho hit the spot for dinner when we got home!

I also drank LOTS of fluids and electrolytes to replace what I lost during the race. I forced myself to drink a bottle of water and Gatorade as soon as I finished, and drank several more bottles of water the rest of the day to ensure I didn’t get a dehydration headache.

In terms of activity that first day, obviously you want to rest your legs, but try walking around the house every once in a while and/ or lightly foam rolling your muscles to increase circulation and prevent your legs from being too still the next day. I find that wearing compression socks for the rest of the day after the race does wonders for reducing soreness in my calf muscles!

But recovery doesn’t end the day of the race, as your body will tell you for the next couple of days :) I’m focusing heavily on the following this week:

1. Sleep – as you know, sleep is vital for healing so get as much as you can for several days after the race. Your body will thank you. My knee felt better and better each morning after a good night’s sleep.
2. Protein (to repair muscles) – I’m not sure whether there’s a scientific basis for this, but I’m focusing on consuming protein over carbs this week, because I know the marathon did a number on my muscles and joints and I think I need muscle recovery (protein) over fuel (carbs), especially since I’m going light on the workouts this week.
3. Rest – I’m following Hal Higdon’s plan for Zero Week, which says no workouts until Thursday. Thursday through Saturday are light runs or easy cross-training to get the legs moving again, and Sunday can be a longer easy run (about an hour). In the meantime, I’ve been foam rolling like it’s my job. Here’s my plan for workouts the rest of this week.

Workout Plan (Week after Marathon)

Monday: rest

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 30 min pool run

Friday: Bikram yoga

Saturday: 3 mile jog

Sunday: 5-6 mile jog and Bikram

The Bikram is in the schedule for no other reason than I’m trying to finish up my Groupon before it expires :) But yoga is a good cross-training activity anyway, and I think I’ll find the heat soothing to my sore body.  I think the pool is going to feel AWESOME tonight, I can’t wait!


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