Pittsburgh: The Food

Happy Friday guys! The weekend is nearly here :)

So marathon talk aside today – I wanted to highlight some of the awesome places we ate at in Pittsburgh.  There are a ton of great restaurants in the city, and my only regret is that I didn’t get to eat a pierogie!

Our first stop after arriving in the city on Friday was Roland’s, a seafood bar located in the Strip District that we discovered a few years back when we visited the city with friends.  The reason for our beeline here? 60 cent oysters during happy hour.016 017 018We also tried the calamari, which tasted okay.  Instead of staying for dinner, we decided to try a “tapas” place nearby called Bar Marco.021 022 023 020  Best decision of the night! When we walked in, we were handed a small food menu and told that Bar Marco doesn’t have a cocktail menu; you pick your base spirit, explain what sort of drink you like (dry, sweet, fruity, etc) and the amazing bartenders invent a concoction for you.  I’m no lush, but I’ve discovered that I love whiskey (I credit this to the Copper Fox Distillery) so I was curious to see what they would come up for me.025Um, perfection in a glass.  This was a smokey, spicy, slightly sweet drink with bourbon, jalapeno bitters, smokey rum and some other stuff I forgot.  We ordered a few more drinks, but this was the highlight of the night! The food was delicious as well – I ordered spaghetti with lobster sauce (carbo-loading, remember) and Mike got the quail.  Be warned though; the portion sizes here are quite small.  We were very glad that we had already eaten some hefty appetizers at Rolands!028 029We ate breakfasts at the hotel (more on that later in the post) and lunch on Saturday was microwave pizza in the hotel room, lol.  I had picked Cafe Amante in downtown Pittsburgh for our pasta dinner before the race, and we were all very happy with the choice! Quality, homemade pasta at very cheap prices (coming from DC, at least).  I ordered linguini with meat ragu, and also polished off a bowl of New England clam chowder.048 050It was nice having a view of the Gateway metro station, where we would be arriving on race day.  We walked around after dinner and saw markers already set up for the bag drop and directions to the corrals.049We were only in Pittsburgh from Friday afternoon through noon on Sunday, so that was all we had time to try this trip.  I was also really impressed by our hotel, the Holiday Inn Express South Side, which I initially booked because it was one of the more affordable picks that I could find.  It turned out to be pretty awesome! We had a fridge and microwave in the room – it was great having cold coconut water after the race :)007 010 009The real highlight though were the free breakfasts available each morning and snacks/coffee all day long! In addition to usual breakfast stuff like cereal and eggs, they also had cinnamon buns, french toast, and a pancake maker.013 030The big surprise was when we walked into the lobby half-asleep at 5:30 on race morning, and they had a special breakfast laid out for the runners! I had packed a breakfast beforehand because I expected that the breakfast bar wouldn’t open till 7, so I loved this unexpected sweet gesture of support by the hotel.  They also laid out snacks and water to go in addition to the normal breakfast.002 003 012I would stay here again in a heartbeat.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be getting in a few easy runs and relaxing the rest of the time.

Have you visited Pittsburgh? Any favorite restaurants/ food spots?


2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh: The Food

  1. Sister J

    Just read your marathon recap – I’m so proud of you for pushing through and finishing the race!! Also, it was super sweet of the hotel to think of the marathon runners :). After watching Boston, I’m all for marathon spirit! Also, that hotel microwave 100% reminds me of the time Dad microwaved socks…

    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks J! I was happy/ delirious when I crossed that finish line. We really liked Pittsburgh and I would stay at that hotel again no question. Lol on the microwave socks!

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