Pics from the Weekend

I went home to NY to visit my mom this weekend! My ride up to NY via Vamoose on Friday left me a little stressed; I missed my 7:30 bus in the morning because the taxis were all busy, but luckily I was able to reschedule for the next bus as 11:30 AM and reschedule our dinner reservation (a belated Mother’s day celebration).  I’m big on planning, so I tend to get pretty stressed out when things don’t go according to plan, if you know what I mean.  It all worked out and I made my next bus though! Enjoyed this tasty green juice from Starbucks on the way up.011Dinner in NY was at the Barn in Bedford Hills. We had heard rave reviews of this place, and were hoping to spot Richard Gere, one of the owners of the property and restaurant.  No such luck!013The portion sizes were pretty small compared to the prices, and we didn’t care for either of the appetizers (a whipped rhubarb something and crab salad, pictured below).  Our entrees were better; I enjoyed the skirt steak and sweet potato fries, while my mom said her mussels were good.
014 016 017 018Don’t we look like we could be sisters? I’d love to age like my mom!019We opted to get dessert at a nearby diner, and ended up sharing a banana split and lingering over coffee.021The rest of the weekend went by quickly; Saturday morning I met up with Alexa, fellow bridesmaids Jackee and Julie (sister of the groom) and mothers of the bride and groom to go bridesmaids dress shopping in NJ!  No pics, because I don’t want to accidentally reveal anything before the wedding.  The dresses were all gorgeous, and we had fun trying just about everything on! We grabbed lunch at a Mexican restaurant nearby, and then I drove back to NY.  Little party on the deck for dinner!026 027 028 025I loved the veggie-loaded dishes she made for a light spring meal.

I managed to get in a long-ish run on Sunday morning before church – a hilly 7 miles around the neighborhood! I had to stop to walk several times, but it felt great to just go out and run again.  We went to church and then I hopped on the train to the city to catch my bus home. Imagine my delight when I spotted my favorite froyo place across the street from the Vamoose bus stop in NYC:031Yogurtland, when are you coming to DC??

Full disclosure by the way – I wasn’t very “paleo” this weekend; I ate toast and noodles and corn chips a-plenty (and the tasty froyo pictured above), but did eat more protein and veggies than I usually do on weekends.  I’ll be a little stricter during the week and more relaxed on the weekends, especially since we have some travel coming up! Atlanta for a wedding this weekend, Boston for Mike’s sister’s graduation in early June, NY again in July for another visit home to see Tim and again in August for a wedding.

Are you traveling this summer? Any weddings?


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