Eats and Workouts

Hey guys,

In lieu of my old marathon workout logs, I thought I’d start posting eats and workouts from the previous week for healthy inspiration :)


Tip: Sticking to a specific diet (like paleo or grain-free) is so much easier when you meal plan and cook ahead of time (to include snacks) so you’re not reaching for a bag of chips when you come home from work.  I also like to have a few easy options to fall back on in case the meals I make don’t last all week or I need to eat on the go.  For paleo, this is as easy as having some canned tuna, avocado, sriracha and seaweed sheets around to make tuna wraps, or always having bananas in the house for a quick snack.

Aside from the weekend, this is what I ate last week:

– chorizo sweet potato hash – one of my fav paleo breakfasts! I make a big batch on Sunday and heat it up at work
– egg scrambles (pictured below – egg scrambled with chopped bell peppers and tomatoes, and topped with feta and roasted potatoes)002
roasted potato and asparagus lentil salad – I absolutely loved the taste of this salad, but all the lentils did not make my stomach happy =\ I ended up eating it only 2 days and buying salads at work the rest of the time
– salad bar at work – always an easy choice!

– dill salmon – this recipe was so easy and tasty, it’ll definitely become a regular in our house!
– chicken lettuce wraps – another paleomg winner! Great method for baking chicken breasts without drying them out.
– burger wrapped in lettuce w/ sweet potato fries – Mike made dinner :) The Alexia frozen waffle sweet potato fries are amazing!
004 009 010
– banana with almond butter (stored in a little container in my desk drawer)
– nuts and dried fruit trail mix


After nearly a week of rest after the marathon, it felt great to get back to a regular workout routine again! As I posted before, I’ll be running 3 days a week (speed, hills, and long run) and adding in cross-training and yoga 2-3 days a week to mix it up from all the running.  This past week, I only got in 1 cross training day because of my weekend travel, but it’s probably good that I didn’t go full steam my first week back :)

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 3 miles fartlek outside
I’ll be doing more structured speedwork (400 meter repeats I think) from now on, but my first week back, I just went for a 3 mile jog and varied my speed every block or so – I would pick a point to sprint to, then recovery jog for a bit, then pick up the pace again, recover, etc.  Great way to get in some speed without the pressure of a structured workout!

Wednesday: bikram yoga @ Tysons and a quick weight routine
I made the mistake of sitting near the thermostat in class so I could see that it was 114 degrees the entire class. Bad idea – somehow it felt even hotter knowing just how hot it was, if that makes any sense…. Cold coconut water after class though, that was an excellent idea.

Thursday: rest

Friday: 5 miles, 3 at “race pace” (~9:10 pace)
I swapped a pace run for my hill run, knowing that my long run in NY would double as a hill workout.  This was a tougher workout than I would have liked – my legs feel like they’ve lost a lot of speed =\ Hopefully it gets easier by the end of the summer!

Saturday: rest

Sunday: 7 mile hilly run in NY (~10:30 pace)

I’m hoping to get in a few more cross-training workouts this week and do a little better with my weekend eats, which might be challenging since we’ll be in Atlanta for a wedding and I do love Southern grits…


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