A Crazy Memorial Day Weekend

I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend (as I post this on Wednesday)! Ours got off to a bit of a rocky start, but it ended up being awesome.

Our Atlanta Adventure

We flew down to Atlanta Saturday afternoon to attend a friend’s wedding later that evening.  Flights were uneventful and I even discovered this amazing jerky at the airport!027

We landed early in Atlanta around 1:30 PM, so I figured we had plenty of time to check into our hotel and get ready before the wedding started at 5.  But U.S. Airways threw a hiccup into our plans – our bag never turned up at the baggage carousel! After seeing everyone else pick up their bags and watching the last few unclaimed bags go around and around a couple of times, we headed over to the baggage office and waited in line for half an hour to talk to the U.S. Airways baggage agent.  The lady was really nice and apologized a number of times for the inconvenience, and explained that the bag had gotten to Atlanta but had gotten lost at some point.  The bag containing Mike’s suit, my dress and our shoes for the wedding.

We decided quickly that we still had to go to the wedding since that was the whole reason we were in Atlanta, so we filed a lost bag claim, headed over to pick up the rental car (where we had to wait another hour), and located a nearby department store for a whirlwind shopping trip.  Thankfully, the customer service was amazing – Mike was able to buy a suit and get it hemmed on the spot, and I managed to find a dress, shoes and earrings in less than an hour (fast for me, lol).  We missed the ceremony, but made it to the reception before dinner started and had a great time!028 029 034

In our new clothes and shoes :)044

Our bag was found later that evening, so we went back to the airport to pick it up after the party was over.  It was quite the impromptu adventure, and while I was initially irritated at the loss of the bag, it ended up being a good excuse to go shopping ;)

We spent Sunday at the Northern Georgia outlets (outlet shopping being a Memorial and Labor day tradition for us) and had an amazing dinner at Empire State South back in Atlanta.  They’re known for farm-to-table fresh food and amazing cocktails.  We chose the six course tasting menu, and it did not disappoint!

062 065The dish below was rice coated in tapioca and fried till crunchy, served with a vegetable puree on bottom and a soft poached egg on top.  Easily my favorite course – I could have eaten another five bowls of this!068 062Unfortunately, by the time the meat and seafood courses rolled around, the half a cocktail I drank earlier caught up with me and I felt extremely sick.  I managed only a bite or two of each main course :( 
069Thankfully, I recovered in time for dessert, which was an amazing lemon custard with picked rhubarb, graham crackers, and creme fraiche on top! So good.072073

Workouts While Traveling

Workout wise, I did an Insanity video on Saturday in DC before we left, and I ran 4.5 miles on the hotel treadmill on Sunday after outlet shopping.  I had planned to do a longish run on Sunday morning (7-8 miles), but after Saturday’s shenanigans, I needed the extra sleep :)


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