Eats and Workouts #2

So it’s official; my favorite organization website, Springpad, is shutting down :( I migrated my stuff to Evernote last night, and while it has some really neat features, I miss Springpad’s handy recipe import feature.  And on a more personal level, Sister J was impacted by the company’s dissolution on a personal level because that’s where she’s been working for the last year.  The start-up world is tough, but I know she’s going to find an awesome job soon.

Oh, before I forget – DC friends, Drop In Gym is hosting free classes at BodySmith Gym near Logan Circle all next week from June 1-7! Looks like they’ll be giving away some free stuff during their kick-off on Sunday as well :) I might try to drop in on an evening class next week.

This is pretty late in the week, but I wanted to post my Eats and Workouts from last week! I love putting together summary posts like this – hope you enjoy reading :)


Tip: Get your food prep done during the weekend to minimize the amount of time you have to spend in the kitchen during the week! For example, I made a big batch of smoothies on Sunday and plantain pancakes ahead of time so I could just reheat them at work (the pancakes, not the smoothies!).  I also like to prep

Here’s what I ate last week:

– Avocado Date Mint Smoothie – I was intrigued by the avocado smoothies I saw on various blogs, so I decided to give it a shot, and ended up loving it! I followed Savory Lotus’s simple recipe and added in fresh mint. Tip: Make a big batch of smoothies in advance and freeze them individual containers. Defrost in the fridge the night before drinking, and quickly blend it in the morning with a little ice and milk for a super-fast breakfast.
Plantain Pancakes – If you’re looking for a gluten-free/ grain-free alternative to traditional pancakes, give plantain pancakes a shot! I actually like these better than regular pancakes because they’re sweeter, have a light, spongy texture, and are made of only whole food ingredients.
014 018 006 007

-So this is sad – I don’t remember what I ate for lunch last week, lol.  I think it was a simple salad with chicken, goat cheese and strawberries, dressed with balsamic dressing.  Easy and healthy!

Mike made pork chops in the slow cooker – it was delicious! We ate it all week with various veggies.  Shown below with purple potatoes and celery, with spinach yogurt dip on the side.
– veggies and spinach yogurt dip
– nuts and dried fruit trail mix


Had a solid week of workouts, but to be honest, all my runs sucked =\ Maybe my legs (and brain) are still recovering from the marathon!?

Monday: Deeks Quarters (7 X 400m) on the treadmill
One of my goals this summer is to repeat the same speed workout each week so I can see my improvement over time. I picked Deeks Quarters, which is an 8 X 400 meter interval workout, with a 200 meter recovery jog in between each fast interval. The fast intervals are run at slightly faster than 5K pace, and the slow intervals at around marathon pace. It’s a tough workout! I didn’t run the fast intervals fast enough this time (~8:40 pace), but hopefully I’ll get stronger and be able to increase my speed next time!

Tuesday: Body Combat class @ gym
This was my first time in a while doing Body Combat and I was SORE for days afterwards! So fun though – all that kicking and punching is awesome for busting stress :)

Wednesday: rest day – sore from Combat!

Thursday: rest day

Friday: 5 miles, 3 tempo-ish
I tried to do a tempo sandwich during my 5 mile run, but had to stop several times – I’ll blame it on the windy and hot weather, but it was discouraging to feel so slow and weak.

Saturday: Insanity DVD
I woke up early before we left for the airport to get in a quick Insanity workout (Mike bought the DVDs a few years ago). The shorter workouts are only about 25 minutes of “real” work, and there are plenty of breaks, but man, it BURNS!

Sunday: 4.5 miles on the hotel treadmill (9:57 pace)
I had been hoping to run about 8 miles, but didn’t end up waking up early enough to get a morning run in, and it was too hot to run outside in the afternoon. Treadmill it was! It felt good to get a workout done on vacation and burn off some “vacation calories”.

I’m hoping I see some better times on my runs this week – it’s discouraging when every run is a struggle.  But I know that I’m getting stronger and fitter by just getting my workouts done.

Have a great weekend and cya back on Monday!

Have you tried any video/ DVD workouts? Any favorites?


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