More Eats, Less Workouts…

From the Weekend

After two weekends of traveling, it was great to have a weekend at home to relax! We did what we do best…eat :) Friday night was pick-up from Thai in Shirlington, as usual.  I’m not really eating refined carbs right now, but this meal was worth breaking the “rules” :)018We had a bunch of errands to run on Saturday, so we fueled up before hand with a trip to Eden Center AKA Little Vietnam.  There are dozens of Vietnamese restaurants, delis and businesses packed into this shopping center, so it’s fun to walk around and explore! We picked up some $3 Vietnamese sandwiches (banh mi) for lunch :)024 025 026Also found the beef jerky place mentioned in the Washington Post! Jerky always reminds me of my dad; he loved the stuff and I have lots of memories chewing on jerky during long car trips.028After church on Sunday, we headed over to Mussel Bar in Arlington and enjoyed the lovely day with a leisurely meal outside! Can’t recommend this place highly enough; their mussels are the best we’ve had in the DC metro area, sweet potato and regular fries come in generous portions, and their beer menu is extensive.
031 032 033 034


This is what we ate during our normal meals last week! I’m a huge fan of the 80/20 rule; eat healthy, good foods 80% of the time, but have a few fun meals too.  You’ll see a lot of carb substitutes this week; I’m trying to stay away from processed carbs for a few weeks to re-balance my eating habits and get myself eating more veggies again.  Thankfully, there are so many creative recipes from the vegan/ vegetarian and Paleo communities out there!

Avocado Mint Smoothies yet again! Such an easy and tasty breakfast.  In case you missed my tip last week, I make a big batch of smoothies on Sunday, freeze them individual containers, and defrost them one at a time in the fridge.  In the morning, I grab a defrosted smoothie, blend it again with some almond milk and ice to get a thick, creamy texture (love the single-serve cups that came with my Ninja for this) and swap the blade for a to-go lid and I’m out the door!

008 006 009Plantain Pancakes – for a weekend treat :) I always buy plantains at the supermarket and let them ripen at home so I have a ripe plantain on hand at any point.  If you haven’t cooked with plantains often, here’s what a ripe plantain looks like – it should be brown and ugly:019And here’s what it looks like as a delicious stack of pancakes!022
– Watermelon Greek Salad – if you like watermelon and Greek food, you need to try this salad now.  This rocked my world! I had no idea that watermelon mixes so well with savory flavors like kalamata olives.  I’ll be making this all summer.003

Chinese 5-spice shrimp with cauliflower rice – we love this shrimp recipe!

– Another night, the cauliflower rice was transformed into Korean kimchi fried rice – topped with a fried egg, of course.  I could eat this every day.  Part of me would love to try launching a Korean Paleo blog; I think it would be really fun to find ways to Paleo-fy traditional Korean dishes without sacrificing flavor!

Zucchini noodles with an avocado cream sauce – probably not our most favorite recipe; the avocado sauce was very creamy, but a little too acidic for our tastes.

001 011 015 017

– Nothing noteworthy – mostly fruits and nuts.


Things were not good on the workouts front.  I felt slow and winded for the workouts I did, and at the end of the week, my hip started to hurt, so I took it easy over the weekend =\

Monday: 4 miles, Deeks Quarters
I repeated this speed workout and got up to 8 speed intervals, but I’m still not doing them faster than my 5K pace.  But I love running intervals again; this is my favorite workout of the week!

Tuesday: Body Combat @ gym

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: rest

Friday: 5 miles run/ walk
This was a sucky run, no two ways about it.  I could barely manage a mile at my tempo pace, and then my legs just felt exhausted the rest of the run, so I ended up walking most of it.  It’s not a good feeling

Saturday: rest

Sunday: rest

This continued sluggishness isn’t really like me and the continued hip pain is unusual, so I’ve decided to try taking some supplements to try and ease post-workout recovery and joint health – which makes me sound like I’m 60, lol.  I ordered some powdered glucosamine (can’t stand the huge horse pills), which is good for the joints, and bromelain, which is a pineapple extract thought to reduce swelling/ inflammation.  I’ll be taking those regularly and will keep you updated on my progress! I’ll also be scaling back on my non-running workouts – I’m thinking that 3 tough running workouts + 2 intense cross-training days might have been too much for me, so I’ll reduce the intensity of my cross-training for now.  I’m going to miss my Body Combat class, but I’m ready for running to feel fun again…

Have you ever fallen out of love with running? How did you get it back?


2 thoughts on “More Eats, Less Workouts…

  1. Your food just looks so delicious!

    There have been a couple of times when I’ve fallen out of love with running. I focussed on some other sports for a short while (3 weeks or so) and when I started running again, I didn’t allow myself to take my Garmin. I found it helped if I went running with a friend (especially if I knew they were slower than me), as I was able to chat to them and I didn’t feel like I had to push the pace. I felt good that I was helping someone, rather than feeling down about my own running.

    1. Dawn H.

      That’s an awesome idea! I was just wondering how to transition back into running (not ready yet, but maybe in a week or two) without feeling terrible about my pace. I like the idea of going watch-less and with friends :)

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