Friday Finds

Happy Friday friends! I had an awesome run on Wednesday, followed by a terrible run on Thursday (hip hurt more than ever) – maybe I can’t run 2 days in a row right now? I’m doing whatever I can to avoid going to the doctor, so I’ll be sticking to yoga, cross-training and pool running this weekend.  But for now, I’m in Boston for Elizabeth’s graduation from MIT today! I love that Mike and I both come from decent-sized families – we have 5 siblings between us – so it seems like there’s something to celebrate each year :)

Anyway, to kick off the weekend, I thought I’d share some of the stuff I’ve found lately!

Powercrunch bars
I’ve shared about these on the blog before; these protein bars are crunchy like wafers and have the best taste of any protein bar I’ve tried! I’ve tried both the Chocolate Mint and Cookies and Creme flavors so far, and both were awesome.  These bars are a great source of whey protein (14g per bar), and make for a perfectly portable snack while traveling or a pre-workout meal to tide me over till a late dinner. I definitely prefer the taste and texture of Powercrunch over other protein bars I’ve tried (thinkthin, Quest)! A box of 12 costs about $16 on Amazon.

Wrightsock running socks
I’ve finally found a pair of socks that prevent awful running blisters from forming on my feet! The double layers in this sock do the trick, although I still tape gel squares on the blister-prone areas for longer (15+ mile) runs. If you’re struggling with blisters, give them a shot!wrightsock

Blender Bottle
I like drinking protein shakes after a workout for recovery, but have always been put off by the lumps of protein powder that inevitably form when I’m trying to mix my powder with milk/ water. Enter the Blender Bottle! Why didn’t I try this years ago?? It’s a shaker bottle with a little spiral ball inside that breaks up the powder clumps for a perfectly smooth drink. You don’t have to shake it long either; 30 seconds or less will do the trick (and the top is leak-free), and it’s wide-mouthed, making it very easy to wash.005 007

new flatware
Not related to working out at all, but I finally got Mike to agree to replace our motley collection of plastic-handled cutlery (from my college days) with REAL flatware! It’s so nice eating dinner without worrying whether the handles will snap in half (as they were doing). My next mission is to replace our mis-matched dishes…
074 075

cross training shoes
One of my purchases from the Georgia outlets two weekends ago was a pair of cross-training shoes from Reebok; I’ve never bought any before, but since I’m trying to mix up my cardio this summer with more cross-training, I decided this was a good time to try them out. I ended up getting a pair of ZQuicks because I liked how light they felt. They’ve been great for Body Combat and cross-training days! My feet feel so light and quick with them on :) I think they’d be perfect for Zumba and dance/ step type classes for that reason too.001 003

Have an awesome weekend! Hope the weather is beautiful, wherever you are!

What have you found lately?


4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Sister J

    I’m glad your college flatware finally retired! It really took a beating. My apartment currently only has the cheap flatware I picked up from the hardware store, so I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard my roommate’s boyfriend complaining about all the bent spoons as he tried to eat ice cream…

    1. Dawn H.

      So glad I won that battle :) Pure attrition was on my side; we were losing 1-2 utensils a week b/c the handles kept snapping. Lol on the ice cream!

  2. ahhhh…i always wondered what that little ball inside the shaker was for! duh! (i don’t have one, but i’ve seen them on the shelves at stores.)

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