Elizabeth’s Graduation!

Hey friends! It’s never too late for a weekend update, right? ;) Mike and I went up to Boston to see Elizabeth’s (Mike’s sister) graduate from college! We were commenting on the way up about the number of Boston graduations we’ve been to over the last several years: ours in 2008, Mike’s brother Steven in 2010, sister J in 2013, and Elizabeth this year! The weather has varied quite a bit (rained at ours, was hot at Steven’s and J’s), but we got lucky with a warm summer day this time around.

We arrived in Boston Thursday evening (no checked bags this time!) and we went straight to dinner on Newbury Street, Mike meeting up with the family at Chilli Duck and me with J at Ikura.  This tiny place was packed the whole time we were there – so glad J thought to make reservations!
003They had a bunch of interesting rolls on the menu, but we opted to get “Sushi Party A”, which ended up being a ton of food for the two of us! The chef also sent over sauteed wasabi leaves/ stems for us to try, which weren’t as spicy as I expected, although you could definitely taste the wasabi flavor! #wasabiaddict002 004 It was awesome catching up with J :) We don’t see each other nearly enough. After dinner, I met up with the family and we made a quick pit stop at Toscanini’s, my FAVORITE ice cream on the planet. I love their inventive flavors and am a true devotee of their burnt caramel ice cream.
006After sampling several flavors, we went home with Burnt Caramel (THE BEST), Bourbon Ginger Snap (!!), Thin Mint, and one of the chocolate flavors.  All soo good.
007 We stayed at a hotel outside of Boston and rented a car because hotels during graduation season are wicked expensive. The Sonesta Es Suites in Burlington was an awesome choice, newly renovated with huge suites and a free breakfast buffet every morning! It’s easy for me to go overboard at breakfast buffets, so this time I tried to eat as close to what I would at home on a normal day – oatmeal and an hard-boiled egg. Somehow, some sausage and a piece of french toast also made their way onto my plate…
015Friday was graduation day! Like I said, perfect weather :)
018 023The graduate! 029The kids :)
031Brass Rat (MIT’s class ring) picture! 045The Boston Marathon bombings last year were an event that defined this class’s college period, especially since MIT lost one of its own.  It was sobering to walk through Kendall Square and see the sign below.  We can’t control or predict what tomorrow brings, but we can be inspired by the incredible courage of others and pray for the same in ourselves.
091After graduation, we went to go watch the new Xmen movie! It was incredibly intense and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. The construct of the movie (you’ll know what I mean when you watch it) sort of reminded me of the Matrix. We loved it and can’t wait till the next one comes out!

Dinner was at a recently opened tapas bar in Woburn called Pintxo Pincho.  We ordered a bunch of small plates and everything was fantastic! The shrimp in garlic butter sauce was particularly good and may have been ordered several more times ;)
095 097 099 101
We left Boston Saturday morning and spent the rest of the weekend doing the usual chores and whatnot. Workouts this weekend were limited because of my continuing hip pain (not sure what’s going on), but I managed to get in a great pool run and yoga class on Sunday.

What movies are you excited about this summer? Guardians of the Galaxy looks hilarious! And I’m hoping the sequel to How to Train Your Dragon is as good as the first…


2 thoughts on “Elizabeth’s Graduation!

  1. Sister J

    Woo, congrats Elizabeth!! Dawn, I knew you and Mike would wind back over to Tosci’s after dinner! Lol. Also, it looks like Daniel is now taller than you…. And your brass rat pic totally makes it look like you’re all power rangers haha.

    1. Dawn H.

      Tosci’s is one of those special places that is just as good or better than I remember each time I go. Daniel is taller than Elizabeth, Mike, both parents (and obviously me). Dunno how since he still doesn’t eat that much..

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