Eats and Workouts #4: Kale Salad!

I’m feeling surprisingly good for Hump Day! I already got in a few good workouts this week – my hip is still bothering me, so lots of cross training in the form of spin and pool running, weights and yoga are on my schedule.  I don’t actually miss running much right now; my runs were so crappy the last couple of weeks that it’s frankly a relief not to be lacing up. And to be avoiding the heat and humidity this week :)

Great article from Active about gutting out tough workouts – I’ll be following this advice once I start running again!

Onto my Eats and Workouts from last week…


I’m still trying to eat “clean” and I began incorporating a serving or two of grains each day last week.  I am finding that I function best on a lower carbohydrate diet – I just have more energy and it forces me to find ways to eat more vegetables and fruits throughout the day.  I love feeling good about what I’m putting into my body and enjoying the abundance of produce this season has to offer! Here’s what I ate last week:

Blueberry Hot Cereal – This was a simple hot cereal that I assembled ahead of time and simply re-heated at work each day.  I followed this recipe, but subbed 7-grain hot cereal for the oatmeal and didn’t bother with the toasting step.  Great way to use up our Costco size bag of frozen blueberries!
039 041
Kale Citrus Salad – Holy smokes, this made my week! I’ve never liked raw kale salads (even massaged kale), but I decided to give this recipe from the Pioneer Woman a shot anyway.  I found that chopping the leaves into thin strips per her suggestion and dressing the salad the night before made the kale perfectly palatable! I also loved the flavor combos in this salad – sweet from the orange, spicy from the jalapeno, and creamy goat cheese to top it off.  I added some jalapeno chicken sausage to amp up the protein (I place it in a smaller container to heat up at work before adding to the salad). Not only is kale nutritious (lots of Vitamin A, C, potassium), but it’s also cheap – a huge bag stuffed with kale leaves ran me less than $2.
Dinners were veggie filled last week!
Cauliflower Fried Rice with kimchi stew (unpictured) – I loosely followed NomNomPaleo’s recipe for this batch of cauliflower rice, but didn’t love this batch of fried rice as much as I liked my kimchi fried rice last week =\ I think it needed stronger flavors in there! I think it was more the fault of the chef than the recipe, since I left quite a few things out…like the bacon, all the herbs, fish sauce…
Sardines mashed with avocado – Sardines are one of those foods that I keep thinking I’ll enjoy eventually, so I picked up a can last week and mashed it up with some avocado, lemon juice, salt and pepper for an easy weekend lunch over a bed of lettuce.  It was okay, but I much prefer the taste of tuna!
036 102 Snacks
I’ve managed to reduce my snacking at work quite a lot by drinking more water and making sure I eat enough at mealtimes. I’m not snacking in the morning, and I’ll munch on a handful of nuts/ dried fruits in the afternoon if I’m hungry. We’ve been enjoying some popcorn or frozen fruit bars in the evenings, and I save the whiskey for the weekends now :) Progress!


I had a lot of trouble running this week (the hip pain, still) and ended up curtailing my workouts on the weekends again.

Monday: Elliptical (45 min) and a yoga class

Tuesday: rest day

Wednesday: Deeks Quarters (8 x 400m) on the treadmill and a weight session
This interval run actually went great, and I managed to increase my fast intervals to a little faster than 5K pace (~7:58) and run most of the recovery/ float intervals at a 10:00 pace. Interval workouts are my favorite, they go by so fast!

Thursday: Aborted 5 mile run
I had hoped to do an easy 5 miles outside, but couldn’t even manage 3 at an easy pace. This was when I decided no more running till my hip feels normal – not worth it.

Friday: Boston – rest day!

Saturday: rest day

Sunday: Pool run (35 min) and a yoga class

My only goals for this week are to work out more consistently and get more cardio in whatever form doesn’t hurt. I’m thinking of hitting up spin class this week – it’s been a while!

Kale salads, yes or no?

Favorite summer fruit? Watermelon, no question. If they weren’t so heavy, I would buy 2-3 each week.


5 thoughts on “Eats and Workouts #4: Kale Salad!

  1. Rachel

    Where do you go pool running? I have been having issues with my calf, which after 6 weeks of resting I thought had gone away, but nope after two 4.5 mile runs it’s back :-/

    I may look into getting new running shoes…could be a good chance my legs just aren’t happy with my newish sneakers…

    1. Dawn H.

      At my local gym – Xsport in Alexandria. I highly recommend it – it’s an awesome way to maintain (and even improve) running fitness with little impact on the body! Sorry to hear about your calf =\ are you foam rolling?

    2. Dawn H.

      Hey Rachel! I workout at the Xsport in Alexandria, and there’s an indoor pool there that’s about 4 feet deep (perfect b/c my feet can touch the ground). Sorry to hear about your calf issue – I know how it feels. Be patient and don’t rush the recovery; there are so many xtraining activities you can do to maintain your fitness!

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