Pics from the Weekend

My freshman year roommate Iny was in town this weekend! We haven’t seen each other since graduation, so we had a lot to catch up on. We made sure to take her our favorite spot on Friday – Toki Underground.  I guess it was obvious that we’ve been before, because she asked how often we go, lol. My guess…once a month? Stuck to the regular ramen this time and had a couple sips of Mike’s Toki Monster (one of the best bourbon-based cocktails I’ve had).
035Iny, Vivian and I grabbed some froyo afterwards and spent some time catching up :)

Our cats were early risers this weekend and woke me up at 6 AM on Saturday, which meant I had plenty of time to eat a small breakfast and go to a morning spin class at the gym.  I even got to the gym early and had time to do my favorite fast circuit workout before class started! Definitely needed a protein shake afterwards to tide me over till brunch.
030After showering and getting a few chores done, I headed into DC to meet up with a bunch of other MIT girls at Logan Tavern.  I ordered a kale salad with cauliflower croutons (amazing), and asked for a fried egg on top of the salad. Is there any dish that doesn’t taste better with a fried egg on top?
042040The Logan Circle area has a bunch of fun restaurants – I’ve never been to The Pig, but was intrigued by their sign advertising a bourbon happy hour.  I think we’ll be checking this out this summer ;)
038I spent the afternoon being boring and studying for my C++ programming class, which is insanely confusing to me right now.  I took a short break to bake some plantain bread for breakfast on Sunday – following this easy recipe here.
046I love Sunday mornings because it’s the only day I can have a leisurely breakfast, since I don’t work out till the afternoon (that’s when yoga is).  The plantain bread turned out great and went well with the fancy jam Sister J gave me in Boston!
050 051In contrast to the variety of breakfasts I eat, Mike has eaten the same cereal for breakfast for the past five years.  We have at least four boxes of Special K Red Berries in the house at any given time, and he buys them in bulk on Amazon.  I honestly don’t know how he does it.036The rest of the day was church, cooking, and studying, and I got my butt to the gym in the afternoon for some weights and yoga.  When I got back, we grilled for the first time this year! Steaks and bourbon are all I need in life.
053I’ve been obsessed with ice pops recently, so I bought popsicle molds off Amazon to try making my own.  So after dinner, we tried my first attempt, a combo of mango, banana, almond milk and honey.007 054Not bad! I should have used more mango though, and I think I’ll switch out the almond milk for coconut milk or juice next time for either creaminess or sweetness.

I missed my dad a lot this weekend, Sunday being Father’s Day, and thought of him often as I struggled through my C++ homework (he was a programmer, and would have been so proud!). In some ways, I think it will get easier as time goes on, but I know that with big milestones, it will be hard that he’s not there.  But I know that I’ll see him again someday (and I can ask him all my programming questions then…).

What foods do you associate with summer?  Watermelon, bbq, and ice cream/ ice pops (frozen yogurt on the other hand is a year-round food)


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