Eats and Workouts #5: Why Yoga is the Best

Hello from a hot, hot DC! The temperature should start to cool down a bit after today, but it’ll be nearly 100 degrees this afternoon.  My hip is feeling a lot better, so I’ll be attempting a very easy run on Thursday, likely on the treadmill :) No need to torture myself outside.

Here are my Eats and Workouts from last week!


Lots of easy meals this week – the only thing I had to prep on Sunday were the breakfast bars!
Blueberry Pumpkin Breakfast Bars – another blueberry week! I tried making Juli’s paleo breakfast bar recipe, which has a bread-like base of pumpkin and coconut flour (with other ingredients), a blueberry topping layer, followed by a nut/coconut/ honey crumble.  Well, I realized halfway through baking the base that I had forgotten to add any oil! I was amazed when it still turned out fine :) Cut the bars and packaged individually to heat and eat at work, along-side a hard-boiled egg.
Weekend – Plantain Bread with Jam – I like to mix up my breakfast on the weekend, so I made STUFTMama’s plantain cupcake and added some maple syrup to the mixture.  I always have a plantain in the house to make easy pancakes/ bread when the mood strikes!
108 050Lunches
Ancient Grains and Corn Salad – I wanted to start eating up a stash of wheatberries I purchased a while ago, so I loosely followed this salad recipe, subbing watermelon for the blueberries and using a bottled Greek dressing instead of making my own.  This fig goat cheese I found at Harris Teeter took it over the top! Goat cheese has been a salad staple lately.006 107Dinners
We had a lot easy on-the-fly dinners this week! A few days were ravioli from the freezer with salad on the side, another was a Korean noodle bowl with spicy sauce, and pan-fried flounder with asparagus on the weekend (unpictured). I’ve started making a trip to the seafood counter every week to pick up whatever fish is on sale – my goal is to make fish once a week to make sure we’re switching up our proteins.031 002Snacks
Been keeping the snacks on the healthy side with popcorn and frozen fruit bars in the evenings!033 003


My only goal this week was to only take one rest day (vs the 3-4 I’ve been used to lately).  I alternated easy/ hard days; easy days are cardio machines, weights and yoga, hard days are Insanity and spin.

Monday: Stairmaster (45 min)
Man, this machine knows how to destroy me, in a good way. I put it on an interval setting and was hanging onto the bars on the side for dear life by the end of the workout. Who knew climbing stairs could be such a kick-butt workout!? (the guy who invented this machine, apparently)

Tuesday: Insanity video before work!
This was an awesome workout, but all the plyometrics made my hip hurt the rest of the day.  No insanity till my hip is healed; I’ll stick to spin for my hard workout days.

Wednesday: Weight session (30 min), easy cycle (30 min), and a yoga class
My hip immediately felt 80% better after yoga! I would go 4 times a week if I had more time and sleep in pigeon pose if I could.  Yoga has aided recovery for nearly all my running problems – it helps strengthen the feet against plantar issues, and it’s helped me with my knee and hip problems this year. Yoga is great “insurance” for runners.

Thursday: Spin class
Made infinitely better with padded shorts.  I forgot what an endorphin rush spinning gives me!

Friday: Well-earned rest day!

Saturday: Circuit workout and spin class
Was definitely feeling a little addicted to spin at this point, and wanted to stay for the next class, but I decided not to over-do it…

Sunday: Weight session (35 min) and a yoga class
I think of yoga as my workout treat to enjoy on my easy days.

Whew, awesome week of workouts! This week will look pretty similar, but I’ll swap spin for Insanity, hopefully add a run on Thursday afternoon and switch out spin for another run on Saturday.  Two runs should be doable, I’m hoping!

Fun reading:

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2 thoughts on “Eats and Workouts #5: Why Yoga is the Best

  1. Such delicious-looking food, as always!

    I just wanted to send you a message as I read about the Mizuno Baton challenge today. If you’ve already heard of it, my apologies. Essentially, you need to download a free app and log all of your runs for a week. The mileage you run is converted into dollars that are donated to a charity for the homeless. I know that you’ve supported various charities relating to homelessness in the past, so I thought this might appeal to you. I’m ineligible to register as I live outside USA. I’m not associated with Mizuno, but I think this sounds like a great idea.

    1. Dawn H.

      Thanks for the tip, Tamsyn! I hadn’t heard of it before and will definitely check it out. Sounds like an easy way to do something good.

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