Friday Faves

TGIF friends! It’s time for another edition of Friday Faves (previously Friday Finds).  Let’s go!

1. Bike Shorts
Now that I’m going to spin a couple of times a week, my new bike shorts have been (literally) saving my butt! I’ve always found it hard to adjust to the bike seat with my sporadic cycling, but now I don’t fear being sore for days afterwards. I’m still a little sore after riding, but it’s 100X less than what I experience before – and I think the soreness will disappear entirely within 2 weeks of semi-regular spinning. I got this Pearl Izumi pair here, which has tons of strategically placed padding – my butt doesn’t look enormous with them on, which I appreciate! Fully machine-washable too – no need to remove the padding.
027 028 010
2. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer (in rhubarb)
I prefer to go without makeup in the summertime because I find it uncomfortable to wear makeup when I’m just going to sweat all day. So I’ve been on the lookout for a lip-gloss type product that would give my lips a little natural color without feeling sticky or drying my lips out. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer does the trick, and I love the refreshing tingle I get from the peppermint oil!
015 0183. Ritter Sport Espresso Chocolate
I picked up this chocolate bar at Fresh Market last weekend because espresso/coffee +chocolate is a winning combination. I keep it in my desk at work for a tasty little afternoon pick-me-up :)

Image source

4. Ice Pops
I’m a little ice pop obsessed right now, in a way I haven’t been since I was a little kid! It’s the perfect treat for the hot weather we’ve been experiencing in DC (apparently a few days ago, we were the hottest place in the nation?! Crazy!). My favorite flavor right now is Outshine’s Creamy Coconut – so creamy and delicious!
5. Goodreads
Summer just puts me in the mood to read – I can happily spend a whole afternoon by the pool immersed in a good book. My problem is that my memory is so bad, I tend to borrow the same books by accident all the time and don’t realize till I’m a few pages in that I’ve already read this book. Enter Goodreads! It’s a great website that helps keep track of what you’ve already read, what you thought of each book, and find recommendations for what to read next.
021 We have some exciting plans for the weekend; we have tickets to DC’s Bourbon Bash on Saturday! I better get my workout done in the morning ;) Have a great weekend!

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What’s your favorite beauty/ health/ food product lately?

Any exciting plans for the weekend?


4 thoughts on “Friday Faves

    1. Dawn H.

      Lol, aren’t you used to the seat by now? I’m totally addicted to those coconut bars – they’re the best!

    2. Dawn H.

      Ahh that makes sense! I really like the Pearl Izumi Quest shorts I got, and have seen several others in the class sporting them as well.

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