Eats and Workouts #6: Smoothie Season!

This is one of those weeks where everything is going right – my energy level is great so I’m getting my workouts done, I finished my weekly C++ assignment early, and I even made it to Carpenter’s Shelter on Monday and had a blast with the kids! I’m going to attribute my improved energy to all the healthy/ good food I’ve been eating lately (and reducing my usual carb-heavy habits).  So here’s my eats and workouts post covering last week!


Strawberry Banana Smoothies (PaleOMG) – So I don’t normally rave about smoothie recipes, but this basic recipe from PaleOMG was soo thick and creamy, and it froze perfectly! I skipped the OJ and added glucosamine powder, coconut butter, and maca powder each morning to my defrosted smoothie. It was a perfect breakfast on those 90+ degree days.
Weekend – Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes – Like I said before, these were a little too dense/ bread-y for my taste, but were otherwise good! There’s a similar recipe that has a blend of almond flour/ coconut flour instead of all coconut flour like this one – anyone know how that would impact the density of the pancakes? Need more fluffy.
003004002 018
Pioneer Woman’s Kale Citrus Salad– same as a few weeks ago.  I added some beans and grilled sausage (separate container for heating up, unpictured) for extra protein and staying power.  I can’t get enough!
More easy dinners last week – with the hot weather, I didn’t feel like spending a lot of time doing food prep. I focused on fast-cooking protein and a veggie or two for each meal.
– Crab Ravioli from Costco – such a tasty and easy meal – need to buy some more for easy weeknight meals!
– turkey burgers – we skipped the buns and went for a lettuce wrap. I prefer lettuce wraps anyway, but we didn’t buy the buns because we can’t keep bread in our house (outside the fridge) – Lucy will chew through the wrapper and eat it. Served with corn – I love summer for all the fresh produce!
– salmon (unpictured) with Dill Sweet Potato Fries
More of the same – I’m on a frozen fruit bar and beef jerky kick right now. We found a sample Fruit & Veggie Bar in our box of Outshine Fruit bars, and I liked it! I’ll definitely buy some when they’re available at our Harris Teeter.  The buffalo jerky was an impulse buy from Trader Joe’s after brunch in DC last weekend – man, this was good, and about $2 cheaper than jerky at Harris Teeter’s. One more reason I should shop at TJ’s more often. I finally bought a popsicle mold off Amazon (rocket shaped!) so that we can make our own fruit (and maybe veggie?) bars! I didn’t love my first attempt (mango+banana+almond milk), but there tons of fun recipes out there that I can’t wait to try.


My goal for this week was to add in two short, easy runs to see how my hip felt and continuing to rely on cross-training to fill in the rest of the workouts.

Monday: Stairmaster (45 min)
Stairmaster might be my favorite cardio machine, after the treadmill and spin bike.  So, third favorite cardio machine.  It’s perfect for easy days because the machine sets the pace and so I can’t slack off too much.
Tuesday: AM spin class at the gym
Lots of hills and sprints (sprints are my favorite!).
Wednesday: Easy 3 mile run on the treadmill and a yoga class
It was a good idea to combine running with yoga so I could stretch my hip after the run.  I went super easy on the speed (~10:00 pace) and honestly couldn’t have gone much faster.
Thursday: AM spin class
I had to set my alarm for 10 min earlier (5:40) because I realized that even for the 6 AM classes, which is what I take, all the bikes are taken five minutes before the start of class. Crazy!
Friday: Rest day!
Saturday: 4 mile run with Melanie and (another) spin class!
I hate how hard this “easy” 4 mile run felt =\ I know I’ll get my running fitness back soon, hopefully by the end of the summer! I was happy to have spin to follow it up with – I felt strong during the class.
Sunday: Weight session and a yoga class
I skipped my Wednesday weight session so it felt good to lift something heavy again. I can tell that my arms are getting stronger because my bicep curl weight has increased 5 lbs…to 12.5, lol. Hey, we all have to start somewhere. The yoga instructor decided to hold a summer solstice class so we did a bunch of sun salutation variations for the first half hour and I worked up a sweat!

Since I had some hip pain after my two runs, I’ll stick to two easy runs this week (with lots of stretching) rather than ramping it up. I’m hoping my hip is slowly healing so that the runs go better this week, and I can add another day next week. Wish me luck!

Do you have a favorite Trader Joe’s product? Probably their jerky right now! Although I’ve heard their salmon jerky is pretty gross, so I won’t be trying that.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?


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