Randomness + MOB Races

TGIF! So happy it’s nearly the weekend – I’ve had some longer work days this week and could use some r&r! I’m also feeling a little sleep deprived because I couldn’t sleep two nights ago…I think it’s because I skipped my recovery drink after running/ yoga (figured I didn’t need it, ha) and had some major muscle soreness that night. At 3 am, I finally slathered my body in Bengay and got a few hours of sleep. I’m never skipping my recovery drink again; after heavily reducing workouts in May, I think my body is just getting used to working hard again and needs all the help it can get! I’ve been combining protein (Designer Whey), glucosamine and maca powder (skip this in the evenings, since it can cause insomnia) with almond milk in the shaker.001003
We took Kitty to the vet yesterday to get her routine shots, and despite being on a diet for the last three years, she hasn’t lost any weight :( The doc suggested feeding her zucchini to help her feel full and hopefully steal less food from Lucy’s bowl, so we’ll give that a try. We might also switch her to a lower-calorie dry food with more filler than the one she’s eating now. Thankfully, she’s only a little overweight and we don’t have diabetic issues to worry about!008
I brought along a chia bar to snack on while waiting at the vet and really liked it! I’m not usually a fan of snack bar/ protein bars (aside from the powercrunch bars!), but I loved the texture of the chia seeds in the bar – sort of reminded me of sesame seed candy. They’re pretty pricey, so I might try making my own at home.006
(Sorry Kitty, none for you…)005
So back to the weekend, I signed up for a fun race with a friend for this weekend – the Hit and Run 5K! Fun races/ MOB races are kind of perfect for me right now because I’m not in any shape to do a “running only” race. Anyway, I’m really excited for all the bubbles, obstacles and water; I think it’s going to be a blast :)

Last thing I’ll share in this rather unfocused post: I thought this was an interesting infographic on MOB races. I’m all about promoting fitness and exercise in fun ways – whatever gets you moving! image sourceMOB runs infographic

Any fun weekend plans?
Favorite portable snacks?

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2 thoughts on “Randomness + MOB Races

  1. Sister J

    Yayyy Kitty and I can get in shape together! Also, I’m glad I caught your blog this morning, because I definitely didn’t hear about this race yesterday when I was distracted on the phone – it sounds super cool! Enjoy your Friday!! lots of love xx

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