Eats and Workouts #7: Summer-y Food!

Whew, I’m feeling a little tired for a Wednesday, so I’m thankful for a 4 day week! I’ve had some insomnia again lately and I’ve been studying for my programming midterm, which I took yesterday (I think it went well!).  And then I discovered that my Amazon Prime membership gives me access to the Prime video library now (it didn’t before, I have a student account).  So I started watching West Wing, which has been on my watch list for a while :) I’m addicted already!

Okay, before I ramble anymore, here are my eats and workouts from last week! Lots of light, summer-y fare, perfect for the first full week of summer.  I can’t believe it’s already July – where has this year gone!?


yogurt bowls! plain Greek yogurt, strawberries, chia seeds and jam in the bowls, with some crunchy almonds and puffed millet mixed in right before eating.  I packed the “wet” and “dry” stuff separately, and mixed it up at work.  The jam and special nuts took this to the next level!
– more plantain bread (unpictured) – love this recipe – so easy to blend and bake.028 004 Lunches – kale salad with lemon vinaigrette (from this recipe). Yes, more kale salads #can’tstop.  Of course, toppings make the salad – I added beans, goat cheese, avocado, and sunflower seeds this week.  Also, I’m not a huge lemon lover (unlike Sister J), but the acidic lemon dressing helped soften the kale and really brightened the flavors of the salad!017 Dinners
Slow Cooker Sweet and Spicy Pulled Pork – this was super easy (thank you slow cooker!) and soo flavorful! And it made enough for several meals, which is how I like to cook :) We both loved this – served with coleslaw, taco shells, and corn.
– Tilapia with tostones (plantain chips) and sauteed kale. We had taco shells left over, so we made fish tacos. It was my first time making tostones, and it was surprisingly easy (I used this baked version).  Just microwave, smash, and bake!001 003 011 009 (2)And this bbq sauce went on everything – I’m sort of picky about bbq sauce, but this is a good one.012 Also made this awesome cucumber, tomato and mint salad for our small group potluck on Saturday.  So simple, and people loved it! It’s even better the next day, after the veggies have marinated further.004


My goal for this week was to continue with 2-3 short, easy runs to hopefully build up my mileage, along with all the cross training.

Monday: Rest day Tag with the kids!
Tuesday: AM spin class
Wednesday: Easy 3.5 mile run and yoga class
I can tell I’m getting stronger and more flexible from all the yoga I’ve been doing lately – I even got my side crow on this week :)
Thursday: AM spin class
Friday:: Easy 4 mile run and weights (this routine from Julie)
Saturday: Hit and Run 5K!
Sunday: Rest day
As I shared earlier this week, my runs unfortunately did NOT go well, and I’m taking the next month off to allow my hip to recover.  Hopefully I’ll be out running again in August! For now, lots of fun cross-training on the schedule to keep my mind off of it :)

What are you watching this summer?


3 thoughts on “Eats and Workouts #7: Summer-y Food!

  1. Sister J

    Aha glad to see the special nuts are being eaten; I gave a bag that size to my friend and she, unlike you, ate it all in one sitting lolol. I have a non-kale lover friend staying with me, but she really liked the citrus kale salad! Also, your comment about cooking for the whole week made me laugh – when my friend and I were cooking risotto, I threw in entire packages of mushrooms and carrots so they wouldn’t sit in the fridge and go bad…#lazy #practical #stillgood.

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