Hi friends, hope you had a good weekend and fourth of July! It was awesome having 3 days to relax and catch up on schoolwork.  Thursday night started out with some more Fresh Market sushi – it has yet to disappoint!
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We were thankful that the weather was so gorgeous on Friday (after threatening thunderstorms all week), because we had big plans – the DC Carnival was in town! We were pleasantly surprised at how big the carnival was – there was a lion/tiger show, magic show, wolf show, a petting zoo, and lots of games and rides.
And of course, carnival food! I didn’t have a burning desire to try deep-fried Oreos or funnel cakes, but the corn dogs were really good and I couldn’t say no to a frozen banana (which brings Arrested Development to mind – there’s always money in the banana stand!).
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Speaking of Arrested Development, Lance Gifford’s magic show was a sight better than Gob’s
There were a ton of rides, but Mike and I both don’t do well on spinning rides (which is every carnival ride ever), so we stuck to bumper cars and games! We were surprised to find that this carnival rigged games in favor of the players, so even if you didn’t win, you usually got a prize.
017 019 020 023 20140704_161709 (1) 028 029 036 This weekend marked a DC first for us – our first time watching the DC fireworks! Although we’ve lived here for 5-6 Independence Days now, we’ve either been out of town or lazy =P This year though, I wanted to see the fireworks, so we grabbed dinner after the carnival and then metro-ed to the Pentagon, which is a prime location to watch the fireworks across the river! It was a spectacular show and an awesome end to the night :) We’ll definitely be back next year!
046 No pics from the rest of the weekend; Saturday and Sunday were reserved for the usual chores and LOTS of studying (my statistics and probability course just started up, and it is harder than I expected…). I was down with a little stomach bug on Sunday, but thankfully am feeling a little better today.

Did you watch the fireworks this weekend? Extra “points” if you launched your own!

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2 thoughts on “Carnival+Fireworks!

    1. Dawn H.

      It was, and it was :) I haven’t been to a carnival since I was a kid. Next year, we plan to go at night!

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