Kitty’s FOMO + Last Week’s Eats

Happy hump day! This week started off a little rough for me, thanks to a stomach virus that would not go quietly. I had to leave work early both Monday and Tuesday because I felt awful in the afternoon, but thankfully I was 90% better today :) I’ve been drinking soup by the bucket – it’s my cure-all when I feel sick!

Kitty’s had a major case of FOMO (fear of missing out) lately. She follows us from room to room to find out what we’re doing, and tries to leave the house when we do (she’s an indoor cat). I think she thinks we go somewhere amazing Monday-Friday and she’s determined to get in on the fun. Here’s her latest trick:048 Almost worked ;)
I got my first haircut in nearly a year on Monday! I hate getting my hair cut because I can’t stand sitting still for an hour plus. Luckily, this lady was fast and I was out in under half an hour (no shampoo, minimal styling). I can live with that. It might be hard to tell from the before/ after pictures, but I think I took off six inches! My head feels much, much lighter :)PicMonkey haircut
Okay, enough rambling about my life. My usual eats and workouts posts were getting too long, so I’m going to try splitting them up – eats today and workouts tomorrow. I’m also condensing the pictures because I’m starting to eat into my media space :) Might be time to look into self-hosting when I have some free time. Anyway, here are my eats from last week!
PicMonkey food collage


– I needed a change from smoothies and yogurt bowls, so I made some pumpkin hot cereal for the week! Inspired by a KERF recipe. Topped with coconut butter and almond butter – kept me full until lunchtime.
– I also tried a pumpkin smoothie (unpictured) to use up the rest of the pumpkin can.  It had the taste and texture of a cold, liquified pumpkin pie and was probably the worst thing I ate all week. I love pumpkin pie, just not cold and liquified apparently.
– Yogurt bowls on the weekend, eaten with a bowlful of cherries. I’m slightly allergic to cherries (my lips usually swell after eating them), but somehow that doesn’t stop me from devouring pounds of them each summer. #unstoppable


More salads! This week was romaine topped with nectarines, avocado, fig goat cheese, kidney beans and grilled sausage. Paired with a Panera poppyseed dressing that I didn’t really care for (strong artificial sweetener taste).


Burgers and lots of summer produce made for a couple of easy dinners! I also made a batch of our favorite jalapeno corn muffins with some cornbread mix from the pantry for some accompanying carbs.

Just for fun, what’s the worst thing you’ve eaten recently?

How regularly do you get your hair cut?


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