(No Running) Workout Log + Planks!

June 30-July 6 Workout Log (Running Break Week #1)

So…I took more rest days than usual last week – I think it was a combination of laziness and needing to study for stats (it’s a LOT harder than I expected). I’ve learned now that if I don’t get my workout done in the morning, it’s not going to happen after work. Sometimes afternoon workouts work great for me, but not this summer apparently :)

Monday: Aborted run (8 min), stairmaster (40 min)
This was the day that I decided to not to run during the month of July.

Tuesday: rest day

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: spin class

Friday: stairmaster (30 min) and Body Pump!
I wasn’t getting sore anymore from weight lifting on my own, so I went to Body Pump for the first time in a couple of months to push myself to work harder. Well, it worked! I felt sore all over the next day. I’m going to try to make it to a class each week from now on.

Saturday: spin class

Sunday: rest day

I’m also incorporating planks holds a few times a week this summer – they’re great for strengthening the core and take little time to do. I got up to a 3 min hold last week – a new record for me! I started doing planks regularly about a month ago with a 1:30 hold, so I’m exhilarated by the improvement! Who knows, I might be up to 4 min by the end of the summer!?

My goal for this week is to make it yoga – it’s been 2 weeks and my muscles miss it!

The Hit and Run 5K!

You may remember that I ran the Hit and Run 5K a few weeks ago with my friend Mel and a bunch of her friends. One of her friends, Candace, was kind enough to come along to take pictures of us along the course with her amazing DSLR camera (and even brought snacks for us to munch on afterwards!). I got her permission to share some of the pics on the blog, which is great since I didn’t take any :) I’ve only used pictures of me or the group at large since I didn’t ask them if they’d be comfortable with their pics online.

Start of the race! I wore a Reebok tank top, running shorts, cross-training shoes (figured they’d dry fast since they’re light), and sunglasses I got for free in case I lost them (I didn’t!).
_DSC0158Going down the slide after the first obstacle!
_DSC0185 This was the funniest obstacle to watch – the “blocks” in the wall swing out at random, and people simultaneously throw dodgeballs at you. Some people ran across quickly to avoid getting hit; I decided to duck and cover :)
_DSC0359 Running to the next obstacle! I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but there was a decent amount of running from obstacle to obstacle. Normally I would have loved this – at one point, we got to run around the baseball field! – but not so much with my hip injury.
_DSC0412The third obstacle was straight up impossible, but a lot of fun anyway. It was set up as three large, fixed blue bouncy balls, and the goal is to jump from one to the next without falling off. In reality, it was hard enough to land onto the first ball and not fall off, much less make it to the 2nd and 3rd! Here I am, getting ready to jump onto the first ball…
_DSC0445And seconds later, with my butt literally in air as I bounced off the ball, lol.
_DSC0451 The last obstacle was crossing a balance beam across the water while avoiding giant rotating balls overhead! This one felt soo good given the 70+ degree weather – we went through it twice :)
Thanks for all the pictures, Candace! Can’t wait to do the race again next year :)

And now I need to find a healthy “finger food” to bring to our small group on Saturday. Any ideas? I’m thinking mini meatballs or zucchini fritters, but I’m not sure either travel well…


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