Simplifying Food

Tuesday’s Workout

– 4 mile run (fartlek, varied speed from 6.0 to 6.8 on the treadmill)
– yoga!

I got my first training run done last night! No real speedwork yet; I want 2-3 weeks of solid running under my belt to strengthen my muscles before attempting any fast intervals. The run went well, and I made it to a yoga class afterwards. Let’s just say after 3 weeks of no yoga, that first downward dog didn’t look very V-shaped! My legs and back definitely loosened up throughout the class though, and I felt great after we were done.  Time to make yoga a regular part of the routine again.

Simplifying Food

I’m going to forgo my usual recap of eats this week because I experienced some change in my eating habits last week and I think it’s worth a mention. During my visit home to NY two weekends ago, I experienced some anxious thoughts about what to eat during meals and for snacks because the kitchen wasn’t stocked with all the usual stuff I’d been eating- granola/ yogurt for breakfast, salads for lunch, and so on. It made me realize that I had restricted myself to eating what I considered “nutritious foods” and made me less flexible in my eating habits. There’s nothing very unusual about that – in general, that’s what a diet is.
DSC02791 But while I was at home, I decided to eat what was available in reasonable portion sizes. I found myself falling into a pattern of eating more during mealtimes and snacking less throughout the day, because that’s how I used to eat when I lived at home. I ate what I wanted with no restrictions and stopped eating when I was full. The pattern continued when I came back to DC last week because I was too busy to prep all my meals, so I ended up buying lunch and scrounging around in the fridge for the other meals. I ate bigger lunches and smaller dinners because I found I wasn’t all that hungry in the evenings.
DSC02817 And a couple of interesting things happened – (1) I thought less about food since I wasn’t always planning the next nutritious meal, and (2) my stomach was slimmer at the end of the day, because ultimately, I was eating less.
DSC02814 I’ll be the first to admit that my views on food shift frequently: sometimes I’ll be really focused on getting in the right macro-nutrients, sometimes I’ll follow rules like “6 small meals a day”, and other times I’ll avoid certain food groups (grain, dairy, processed) for a while. I’m okay with that! I thrive on change, and new ways of eating give me a chance to explore new foods and new habits and find what works for me at that particular time.

But right now, I want to think less about food, and I want to eat more of the foods I genuinely like. So for the time being, I’ll eat when I’m hungry, eat what sounds good (from different food groups), and stop when I’m full. If I’m full halfway through my meal, I’ll pack it away. If I’m still hungry, I’ll eat some more. Food shouldn’t cause anxiety unless you don’t have enough – it’s just food.  It’s time for eating to be simple again.  graphic: source
eat-food-michael-pollan-quote-715And with that, I think I want some zucchini bread for breakfast :)


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