Some Retail Therapy: Athleta Sale!

Happy Friday friends! Race Coupon PSA: If you’re planning to sign up for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon (do it!), promo code RP2014 will get you $10.50 off registration. Thanks for the tip, Rachel!

One of my hobbies is online window shopping; I rarely buy anything, but love looking for good deals and find it oddly relaxing. I’ll sometimes browse through my favorite websites while we’re watching TV, not looking for anything in particular – I just like finding deals. My friends receive the (questionable) benefits of this hobby; if someone mentions offhand that he/ she is looking to buy something or needs a new whatever, he/she will likely get an email from me with half a dozen links later that day (complete with notes – “this site has free shipping and 20% off till Tuesday!” or “use the coupon code AX2077 if you buy from here!”).

Well, Nordstrom finally got me – after browsing their Anniversary Sale (ends this Sunday) for several days, a pair of Hunter boots caught my eye and somehow ended up in the shopping cart. I’ve been looking for a good pair of rain boots to replace a pair that have gotten too tight (I think my foot widened from running, lol), and these will double as snow boots in the winter with a boot liner inside. And at nearly $80 off full price, I thought they were quite the steal. I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll fit my oddly-shaped feet when they arrive!

I also took advantage of Athleta’s current semi-annual sale and got a reflective vest for running (similar here), a pair of warm hiking pants for Iceland, and a cashmere hoodie I’ve been eyeing since it came out last year – definitely not a “need”, but looks so cozy for fall! I buy a lot of my adventure/ travel clothes from Athleta and have found most of my purchases to be very good quality – I just wait till things go on sale since their regular prices can be high. They also have an amazing return policy – you can return any purchase at any time (even if worn) with free return shipping! Here are a few other great finds from their sale section:
athleta finds
1. Cross-Shore Maxi Dress (looks gorgeous for summer!) 2. Run With It Cuff 3. Moonlight Mile Top (perfect for lounging around the house, or layering for a laidback look) 4. Haven 2 Wrap (I’m a sucker for cozy layers!) 5. Splits Revelation Capri 6. Prevail Jacket (stock up for cooler weather running) 7. Odyssey Straight Up Pant (love Athleta pants while traveling!)

August Fun and Travel

I can’t believe it’s already August and nearly the end of summer! I’m so grateful that it’s been a relatively mild summer here in DC – the 10 day weather forecast shows not a day over 90 degrees, which is so unusual for this time of year. The weather is perfect for running in the mornings (Thursday’s run was perfect!!) and Mike and I have been enjoying the occasional stroll outside after dinner.

We also have a lot of fun travel to look forward to this month: we’ll be in NYC two weekends for a wedding and birthday party and we’re going to Kentucky at the end of the month for bourbon tasting with friends! It’ll be a challenge getting my long runs done on weekends, but I’m looking forward to it. I know there are a bunch of great running paths around NYC, and worst comes to worst, there’s always the hotel treadmill.

Does anyone know good places to run in Lexington (KY)?

Did you ever buy clothing/ shoes online?

How have you been enjoying (or surviving) summer weather?


3 thoughts on “Some Retail Therapy: Athleta Sale!

    1. Dawn H.

      Me too! I hate the hassle of going to to physical stores, and online shopping is getting easier and more convenient all the time. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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